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[20:20:27] <Stefan Winter> Hi. It's not like I'm not in the room; it's just that the room is virtual.
[20:22:18] <hartmans> Is anyone jabber scribing?
[20:22:22] <Stefan Winter> How many people are in the non-virtual room today?
[20:22:49] <Senthil Sivakumar> do you hear a static on the audio, or is it just me?
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[20:23:05] <Stefan Winter> A bit of static for me too, but okay.
[20:23:10] <hartmans> the noise floor is fairly close to the signal on the audio
[20:23:22] <Kathleen Moriarty> Is it any better?
[20:23:31] <Kathleen Moriarty> I'll be your jabber scribe
[20:23:37] <hartmans> It's always been workable for me.
[20:23:48] <Senthil Sivakumar> we can hear ok
[20:23:54] <Kathleen Moriarty> agenda bashing
[20:25:16] <Kathleen Moriarty> WG STatus update (1/2)
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[20:27:49] <Kathleen Moriarty> WG Status Update 2/2
[20:29:41] <Kathleen Moriarty> Moving to 1st preso
[20:29:58] <Kathleen Moriarty> RADIUS Extensions for IP Port Configuration and Reporting
[20:30:00] <Kathleen Moriarty> slide 2
[20:30:07] <Kathleen Moriarty> Draft status
[20:31:15] <Kathleen Moriarty> slide 3
[20:31:24] <Kathleen Moriarty> Proposed Radius Attributes
[20:32:50] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 4 - Extended Type & Embedded TLVs
[20:33:43] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 5 - Proposed Radius TLVs
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[20:34:54] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 6 - Identifiers of the three Attributes
[20:35:38] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 7
[20:35:51] <Kathleen Moriarty> Attributes and Embedded TLVs
[20:36:15] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 8
[20:36:31] <Kathleen Moriarty> RADIUS TLV Type & IPFIX Mapping
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[20:39:13] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 9 - IANA Considerations for RADIUS TLVs
[20:40:15] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 10 - IANA Considerations for IPFIX
[20:41:57] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide 11 - Next Step
[20:42:27] <Kathleen Moriarty> WGLC
[20:42:48] <Kathleen Moriarty> Questions?  
[20:43:01] <Kathleen Moriarty> Have any of you read the draft?
[20:43:09] <hartmans> When we get to bigger-packets:
[20:43:14] <Stefan Winter> an earlier rev, not the new IPFIX mapping
[20:43:40] <Stefan Winter> But we've been asking for this change; now that it's in, I think we can go ahead with a WGLC.
[20:44:27] <hartmans> mic: We discussed the need for a protocol error code at the last meeting.  Text was proposed; there was a review on the list and those review comments were addressed; I believe the draft is ready for wglc
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[20:45:29] <jimsch1> Sam: which draft is the comment for?
[20:45:32] <hartmans> bigger packets
[20:45:45] <jimsch1> Still on the IP draft
[20:46:23] <hartmans> Nod, I was trying to queue a statement to avoid the lag, but that didn't work out as I hoped.
[20:47:05] <jimsch1> Is meet echo setup so that you can use it? - Vision impaired usage?
[20:47:25] <Kathleen Moriarty> I'm trying to multi-task as there weren't many people in the room, so sorry on my end
[20:47:50] <Klaas Wierenga> i have to step out in 15 minutes, until then i can monitor
[20:48:08] <hartmans> jimsch1: Not last I tried. (no mic)
[20:48:20] <Kathleen Moriarty> Thanks, Klaas.  I'll type slide numbers
[20:49:28] <Kathleen Moriarty> Larger Pakets draft discussion
[20:49:46] <Kathleen Moriarty> Proposal to go for WGLC for this as well
[20:50:26] <Rhys> i can do it after klaas if we're still going when he disappears
[20:50:34] <Kathleen Moriarty> Individual Draft Discussions
[20:50:55] <Kathleen Moriarty> Dynamic Authorization Proxying
[20:51:56] <hartmans> Although note that lag seems to be under 3-4 seconds now that they are using the meetecho stream for mp3
[20:52:08] <Stefan Winter> no other text in the proposed charter seems contentious - I'm sure we can wordsmith towards something that is so generic that everyone's happy
[20:52:26] <Kathleen Moriarty> DO you want that said, Stefan?
[20:52:34] <Stefan Winter> Ah, never mind.
[20:52:46] <Klaas Wierenga> please preface with mic: if you want it at the mike
[20:53:19] <Stefan Winter> I will propose more unspecific text for that item in the next days.
[20:53:54] <Kathleen Moriarty> Draft: Correct use of EAP-Response/Identity
[20:54:06] <Stefan Winter> mic: waiting for my doc update until after recharter
[20:55:50] <Kathleen Moriarty> Errata on RFC 5176
[20:55:56] <Kathleen Moriarty> ID4280
[20:58:09] <Kathleen Moriarty> Revision of  Charter Discussion
[20:59:17] <Kathleen Moriarty> Feedback due by Friday
[21:00:17] <Rhys> klaas gone, i'll man the mic now
[21:00:23] <Kathleen Moriarty> Slide: Work items (1/2)
[21:00:31] <Kathleen Moriarty> Thank you, Rhys
[21:01:18] <Kathleen Moriarty> Work Items (2/2)
[21:01:23] <Kathleen Moriarty> Next STep
[21:03:27] <Stefan Winter> Thanks for the jabbering! Goodbye!
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[21:32:44] <Kathleen Moriarty> Thank you!
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