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[13:04:48] <Alan DeKok> Hello
[13:04:52] <stefan.winter> Morning!
[13:04:57] <Alan DeKok> is audio OK?
[13:05:12] <stefan.winter> I'm in via Skype - works perfectly. No idea about streaming.
[13:05:36] <Alan DeKok> OK
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[13:11:56] <hartmans> Margaret just noticed that the trust router presentation was not on the agenda on the materials site. We got confiramtion back from one of the chairs that it would be presented; was it on the agenda slide?
[13:16:11] <stefan.winter> Not on agenda because: No, because we didn't add it to the radext agenda because Dan suggested it get presented in the ops area meeting.
[13:16:20] <stefan.winter> Relayed from Skype chat with chair.
[13:16:53] <stefan.winter> Should be on the ops agenda.
[13:17:01] <stefan.winter> opsarea agenda, sorry.
[13:20:26] <hartmans> Hmm. We have mail from one of the radext chairs saying it would be presented in both opsarea and radext but not dime.
[13:21:35] <hartmans> Anyway we'll be in the room shortly in case there is time at the end.
[13:24:13] <Alan DeKok> ok...
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[13:26:58] <Alan DeKok> is everyone here on audio? My guess is that Sam isn't
[13:27:45] <davem> I've got the audio stream... the offered Webex is not sourcing anything.
[13:28:17] <Alan DeKok> ok
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[13:40:15] <Alan DeKok> stefan?
[13:40:18] <Alan DeKok> you're up!
[13:41:04] <Alan DeKok> great!
[13:41:35] <Josh Howlett> Stefan using Skype? Hell just froze over...
[13:43:08] <Alan DeKok> :)
[13:50:30] <Alan DeKok> is there a need to put the filter description in every accounting packet?
[13:50:41] <Alan DeKok> Or give a filter rule && NAME in Access-Accept
[13:50:52] <Alan DeKok> then in accounting packet, give the NAME and the counters
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[14:07:04] <Alan DeKok> dan asking for dime relevant to dynamic discovery draft
[14:08:15] <Alan DeKok> dime && radext should share same registry
[14:09:15] <hartmans> The DNS community is a bit funny on this issue.
[14:09:29] <hartmans> We had some similar issues for Kerberos over TLS over TCP srv registrations.
[14:10:59] <stefan.winter> For the record: me using Skype is due to being blackmailed by the chairs. The account will be put in cold storage right after the meeting!
[14:11:13] <stefan.winter> (just kidding :-) )
[14:17:48] <stefan.winter> Well, eduroam *is* continuing to be interested in this work.
[14:36:26] <hartmans> Stefan in a box sounds indistinguishable from Ron in a box from last SAAG.
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[14:43:55] <davem> is there a source for slides?
[14:45:05] <hartmans> I have a copy.
[14:45:31] <hartmans> If I sent them somewhere could someone stick them up on the web and give us a URI
[14:46:33] <davem> Are they in the abfab materials?
[14:47:59] <hartmans> Not yet.
[14:48:18] <davem> sigh...
[14:48:27] <hartmans> If the radext chairs didn't post them to the radext materials, they are nowhere. They were sent out quite late so don't blame the radext chairs.
[14:49:00] <davem> understand, I was trying to work outside the box O:)
[14:50:08] <hartmans> Try
[14:50:48] <hartmans> We're on the slide titled "introducing the trust router"
[14:51:49] <weiyinxing> excellent slides
[14:54:48] <Josh Howlett> eduroam is a good example of a case there one-to-many makes sense; it's a fairly homogenous environment
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[15:09:08] <hartmans> We actually do understand what a bridge CA is, and don't think that's a good fit for cost reasons.
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[15:11:38] <hartmans> In that operational experience with bridge CAs is that they tend to introduce direct financial costs, but a lot of indirect complexity and operational costs.
[15:14:39] <davem> speaking off mike?
[15:15:38] <hartmans> Yes.
[15:15:46] <hartmans> I'm in the room; I can go find a mic if I need it.
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