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[03:38:40] <aboba> Are there any DISCUSS comments on CUI?
[03:40:25] <aboba> It's been in AD evlaution since 06-01-05 according to the tracker?
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[03:53:16] <HannesTschofenig> bernard, do you want me to ask this question to the list?
[03:53:58] <aboba> That's ok; I sent mail to David Kessens asking about CUI status in AD evaluation.
[03:56:52] <aboba> We do need a RFC 3576bis (see Issues & Fixes). Can we do this within the Charter?
[04:02:12] <HannesTschofenig> i will ask this at the mike
[04:03:03] <HannesTschofenig> done.
[04:03:07] <HannesTschofenig> acknowledged
[04:03:08] <aboba> Thanks!
[04:09:31] <HannesTschofenig> we are currently at radius-mib.
[04:15:17] <HannesTschofenig> question was raised why http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-radext-ieee802-00.txt is ready for wglc because it had serious problems in previous versions. (glen raised this issue)
[04:15:31] <HannesTschofenig> david mentioned a design team that fixed the issues.
[04:15:52] <HannesTschofenig> david talks about the issues-fixes.
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[04:19:05] <HannesTschofenig> discussions about the vsa usage
[04:19:18] <HannesTschofenig> between glen, avi & david
[04:19:25] <HannesTschofenig> the capability draft was mentioned.
[04:20:07] <HannesTschofenig> issue will be added to the issue tracker
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[04:26:24] <ietfdbh2> was there a discxussion of the radext management attributes?
[04:34:12] <aboba> Dave discussed the changes. The MIB Update draft will become a WG work item.
[04:38:28] <HannesTschofenig> we started a discussion about the http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-weber-radius-attr-guidelines-00.txt
[04:38:32] <HannesTschofenig> draft
[04:38:51] <ietfdbh2> Hi,
[04:39:25] <ietfdbh2> I didn't mean the MIB discussion, but the management filter attributes (I forget what Dave called them in his draft with Greg(?))
[04:39:59] <HannesTschofenig> which draft is it?
[04:41:06] <HannesTschofenig> greg asks the group whether they think that this should become a working group item.
[04:41:32] <HannesTschofenig> there are some concerns regarding some statements / suggestions in the draft.
[04:41:38] <HannesTschofenig> a review will be done.
[04:43:56] <aboba> I don't think see the management attributes draft on the agenda
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[04:47:02] <ietfdbh2> Hi Bernard; nor do I see it on the agenda and wondered if it was discussed under some other agenda item.
[04:48:28] <aboba> Slides are online....
[04:49:52] <aboba> http://www.drizzle.com/~aboba/IETF63/radext/ietf63_radext_wlan.ppt
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[05:00:19] <HannesTschofenig> what is the relationship between glen's key wrap and the radext-wlan?
[05:13:26] <aboba> Streaming audio seems to have cut off...
[05:14:00] <HannesTschofenig> we cannot really do anything about it here.
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[05:26:37] <aboba> Hmmm.... Looks like the Jabber is no longer functioning from IETF63....
[05:27:01] <ietfdbh2> hi, the jabber or the streaming audio?
[05:31:41] <aboba> Streaming audio is back now....
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