[11:39:12] w.kozlowski has set the subject to: QIRG Meeting @IETF-107 Virtual Interim
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[16:07:15] <mcr> It would be nice if the agenda had jabber, etherpad and webex links.
[16:09:49] <w.kozlowski> The webex link is already there on the meeting site
[16:10:04] <w.kozlowski> I just added the etherpad link and jabber room address
[16:10:35] <mcr> if one starts from the calendar, then one starts from the agenda listing, not the meeting site.
[16:10:48] <w.kozlowski> Hmm, fair enough - I'll add it now
[16:11:53] <w.kozlowski> Done
[16:12:17] <mcr> Thank you.  
[16:12:28] <mcr> each referencing each other makes life easier.
[16:13:22] <mcr> I saw your notes about difficulties getting things started from a Linux desktop.  A key thiing is to make sure you are logged *OUT* of ietf.webex.com, or it often insists that you run the javaws/native version, or thinks you have an incompatible browser.  It really pisses me off too.
[16:14:18] <w.kozlowski> I tried different browsers though - but i may have been logged in both
[16:14:22] <w.kozlowski> So worth keeping in mind
[16:21:05] <mcr> this business with having to tell it to connect with computer multiple times is also new, it used to just default that way.
[16:22:01] <mcr> https://etherpad.ietf.org/p/notes-ietf-interim-2020-qirg-01 <https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-interim-2020-qirg-01> (no port 9009) will also work for people with stupid corporate firewalls, but it has less capacity as it goes through an apache web proxy.
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[16:23:48] <Rodney Van Meter> Okay, that took some doing, but I'm in.
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[16:42:57] <mcr> I'm still at the first slide.
[16:44:24] <mcr> slides "Need for QoS"
[16:44:31] <mcr> slide: Towards a Quantim Internet
[16:46:06] <mcr> Rodney, with your permission, I'm gonna sort the Bluesheet and add the people missing from the webex list.
[16:48:17] <Rodney Van Meter> The sort is fine, but I would prefer that individuals added themselves.
[16:48:22] <Rodney Van Meter> Thanks for the help.
[16:54:12] <mcr> I agree, it's better if they add themselves.
[16:54:31] <mcr> I haven't seen a WG where more than 50% of people made it to the etherpad.  
[16:58:40] <Rodney Van Meter> Colin says it's okay to go ahead and add the missing names.
[16:59:34] <Rodney Van Meter> He points out that the names are recorded in the Webex anyway, so attendees aren't fully anonymous anyway.
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[17:17:11] <Rodney Van Meter> Reflecting questions from the WebEx chat:
[17:17:14] <Rodney Van Meter>   from Mathias to Everyone:    2:00  AM
Is it clear to you what definition QuNetSIm uses for packets etc?
from Stephen Diadamo to Everyone:    2:05  AM
@Mathias We can take it offine: you can email me at stephen.diadamo@gmail.com
from Quantum Internet Research Group to Everyone:    2:06  AM
You can also have the discussion on the mailing list for everybody's benefit :)
from Stephen Diadamo to Everyone:    2:08  AM
Ah, good idea
from Stephen Diadamo to Everyone:    2:08  AM
I'll answer via the mailing list
from hol to Everyone:    2:11  AM
Hi Rod, is there an API to quISP so that it can be accessed programmatically from another program ?
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:12  AM
Hi Hol, can you take your question to the Jabber?
from hol to Everyone:    2:12  AM
would be glad, but don't know how to access it.
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:15  AM
Jabber is the recommended chat system for IETF/IRTF.
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:15  AM
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:15  AM
But if yoou haven't used it before, it takes a little time to get up and running.
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:16  AM
I'll reflect the questions from here to there.
from Van Meter Rodney to Everyone:    2:16  AM
So, to answer your question, "not yet."
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[17:22:30] <mcr> so, netsquid not open source, (free for non-commercial use), but asking for open source snippets (under what license?)  I don't think that's gonna work for many.
[17:38:14] <mcr> Heryea! Heryea!  All Nobles^WNodes  please be aware we have entangled with Guildenstern!
[17:48:06] <Rodney Van Meter> https://datatracker.ietf.org/rg/qirg/documents/
[17:48:06] <Rodney Van Meter> Drafts are at
[17:48:06] <Rodney Van Meter> https://datatracker.ietf.org/rg/qirg/documents/
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[18:00:34] <csperkins> Thanks, all – interesting meeting!
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