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[21:29:28] KY joins the room
[21:32:44] Andy Malis joins the room
[21:32:55] <Andy Malis> This opens the PWE3 meeting in Toronto
[21:32:56] david.sinicrope joins the room
[21:33:05] <Andy Malis> We will be starting in a minute.
[21:33:09] <Andy Malis> Hi, KY!
[21:33:21] <KY> Hi Andy. Hi Dave.
[21:33:30] <david.sinicrope> Hi KY!
[21:33:36] Y(J)S joins the room
[21:34:10] <Y(J)S> starting
[21:34:38] <Y(J)S> Andy introducing chairs and secretary
[21:34:45] <Y(J)S> note well
[21:34:54] <Y(J)S> agenda is short
[21:35:02] Giles Heron joins the room
[21:35:39] <Y(J)S> goals and milestones
[21:35:43] <Y(J)S> 3 new RFCs
[21:37:07] <Y(J)S> 1 doc with IESG, and 2 WG LC
[21:37:15] <Andy Malis> Hi Giles!
[21:37:39] <Y(J)S> Loa - please refresh notice on endpoint-fast-protection
[21:37:52] <Y(J)S> Matthew - will run a 2nd WG LC
[21:38:26] <Y(J)S> Andy talking about ICCP-STP
[21:39:07] <Y(J)S> got good reviews and authors are working
[21:39:42] <Y(J)S> thanks to Sasha and others who reviewed
[21:40:17] <Giles Heron> my bad on 4447-bis.  I need to update.
[21:41:55] <Andy Malis> Thank you Giles.
[21:44:18] <Y(J)S> Y(J)S at mike about congestion considerations (originally requested when PWE was in transport)
[21:44:27] <Y(J)S> requests WG LC
[21:44:50] <Y(J)S> bidir and OAM config are both ready
[21:45:11] <Y(J)S> redudancy spe has been updated and is ready for LC
[21:46:00] <Y(J)S> NOTE: there is a proposal for a reorg in routing area
[21:46:54] <Y(J)S> PWE3 would fit into the "LDP-enabled services WG" along with parts of L2VPN and MPLS
[21:47:46] <Y(J)S> so, it this happens, this is the last PWE3 meeting
[21:56:33] <Y(J)S> Adrian, Loa and Y(J)S at mike - discussion on what will happen
[21:56:46] <Y(J)S> Y(J)S proposed simply closing
[21:58:02] <Y(J)S> Multichassis PON protection in MPLS - Ed Mallette
[22:05:46] <Y(J)S> dual homing protection for MPLS-TP PW
[22:19:34] <Y(J)S> Loa on shawam-pwe3-ms-pw-protection
[22:22:47] <Y(J)S> Matthew and Y(J)S asked why this is needed (could use message in ACh RFC)
[22:24:43] Andy Malis leaves the room
[22:24:53] <Y(J)S> and that is the end of PWE3
[22:25:13] KY leaves the room
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