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[20:49:03] <Andy Malis> Hi Dave
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[21:03:30] <Y(J)S> Matthew - fairly short meeting
[21:03:43] <Y(J)S> David standing in for Andy who couldn't make it ...
[21:04:16] <Andy Malis> I can't hear Matthew, is he using the mike?
[21:04:23] <Y(J)S> 1 new RFC (Eth OAM interworking)
[21:04:35] <Andy Malis> Audio streaming is unusable from this room
[21:05:04] <Y(J)S> Matthew says he IS using the mike
[21:05:26] <Y(J)S> still going over the documents
[21:05:30] <Andy Malis> Thanks, I can very barely hear that he's talking
[21:05:49] <Y(J)S> very few people in the room ...
[21:05:52] <Andy Malis> Thanks
[21:08:06] <Y(J)S> a lot of expired drafts - need to make sure still active
[21:08:27] <Y(J)S> I am first on the agenda
[21:08:55] <Stewart Bryant> can you hear yaakov?
[21:18:48] <Andy Malis> The sound was just fixed, thanks
[21:19:13] <Andy Malis> I can hear Matthew now as well
[21:19:51] <Y(J)S> Himanshu up
[21:24:48] <Y(J)S> explaining MAC withdrawal scenarios
[21:25:04] <Y(J)S> request adoption and reservation of ACH channel type
[21:25:29] <Y(J)S> question - is this VCCV packet ?
[21:25:41] <Y(J)S> Himanshu - no, it is like a status message
[21:25:50] <Y(J)S> inband signalling\
[21:26:30] <Y(J)S> question - what happes if there is a fault on the PW ?
[21:28:38] <Y(J)S> if MS-PW path is broken and an S-PE receives withdrawal mesage, might be a problem
[21:28:54] <Y(J)S> George - really MAC flushing (rather than withdrawal)
[21:31:34] <Y(J)S> another problem scenario - if acknowlege last of a number of messages, the sender will assume that all are received
[21:32:47] <Y(J)S> Luca - this is VPLS and so the separation of L2VPN and PWE3 means that this should be handled there
[21:33:02] <Y(J)S> Himanshu - this is purely about the PW signalingm not the procedures
[21:33:56] <Andy Malis> Raising my hand (read the draft)
[21:34:03] <Y(J)S> Matthew counted how many have read, and asked to send comments to list
[21:36:29] <Y(J)S> STP Application of ICCP
[21:36:36] lllmartini\ joins the room
[21:36:42] <Y(J)S> (sorry I was not following)
[21:40:34] <Y(J)S> a few people have read the draft, Matthew wants more to read
[21:41:31] <Y(J)S> Mingui continuing with next presentation
[21:41:54] <Y(J)S> this one is also an application of ICCP, this time to VPN route label sharing
[21:43:09] <Y(J)S> showing new TLVs needed
[21:45:59] <Y(J)S> Matthew - will be presented at L3VPN tomorrow, so wait for that before feedback
[21:46:28] <Y(J)S> Jiang - Multi-chassis PON Protection in MPLS
[21:46:42] <Y(J)S> mike problems
[21:48:36] <Y(J)S> explaining background
[21:52:19] <Andy Malis> It's GPON Type B protection
[21:52:31] <Andy Malis> (Google it)
[21:52:55] <Andy Malis> It allows you to dual-home splitters to multiple OLTs
[21:53:03] <Andy Malis> Can someone read this at the mike?
[21:55:49] <Y(J)S> I'll check it (I was at the mike)
[21:57:01] <Y(J)S> MPLS-TP PWE3 dual-homed protection (MPDP) - Hui DENG
[21:58:01] <Y(J)S> Andy - is this "Type B protection" a Huawei-specific technology (googling seems to come up with their material)
[22:00:02] <Andy Malis> Not just Huawei-specific, tellabs has it as well
[22:01:09] <Andy Malis> Fujitsu also has it
[22:01:26] <Andy Malis> Defined in G.983.1
[22:03:48] <Andy Malis> Appendix IV
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