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[14:58:16] <david.sinicrope> Hi KY
[14:58:36] <KY> hi Dave
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[15:00:43] <Andy Malis> Hello to Jabber!
[15:00:54] <Andy Malis> Dave will be taking minutes into Jabber (or attempting to)
[15:00:57] <KY> hi Andy
[15:01:02] <Andy Malis> Hi KY
[15:01:19] <david.sinicrope> Hi All, I'll be taking minutes into this jabber session.  I apologize in advance for any mispellings, gibberish and missed names that I usually resolve after the meeting.
[15:02:06] <david.sinicrope> Read the note well (it's new)
[15:02:41] <david.sinicrope> see the WG Chair's slides
[15:02:51] <david.sinicrope> PWE3 Agenda slide
[15:03:15] <david.sinicrope> Note that the presentation for ICCP Application ... will not be done today, Please comment on the list
[15:03:47] <david.sinicrope> Also see the posted L3VPN slides
[15:04:23] <david.sinicrope> IPv6 Tunnels may end up in a different WG, but is here for information.
[15:04:33] <david.sinicrope> Look at the goals and milestones slide
[15:05:01] <david.sinicrope> Please review and comment back to the Chairs
[15:05:32] <david.sinicrope> Stewart: missed compulsory "ReCharter or Close" at the end after the last milestone
[15:05:42] <david.sinicrope> Matthew: will be added
[15:05:57] <david.sinicrope> See Status 1 slide
[15:06:26] <david.sinicrope> VCCV Impl Survey Results now with IESG.  I
[15:06:36] <david.sinicrope> Stewart: I have the document
[15:06:48] <david.sinicrope> A pub-request has been submitted
[15:07:03] <david.sinicrope> p2mp pw requirements
[15:07:15] <david.sinicrope> will be refreshed by Yuji - thanks!
[15:07:32] <david.sinicrope> Stewart:  Is there a plan to make Single Segment rather than Multi?  
[15:07:36] <david.sinicrope> Matthew: yes
[15:07:39] <david.sinicrope> hope so
[15:07:46] <david.sinicrope> Status 4 slide
[15:07:54] <david.sinicrope> read ICCP draft and comment
[15:08:35] <david.sinicrope> Luca thinks status reduction is ready for last call.  Will most likely initiate last call soon.  call for those who read the draft. 5 out of 25 in the room
[15:08:39] <david.sinicrope> more folks shoudl read first
[15:08:50] <david.sinicrope> congcons
[15:09:22] <david.sinicrope> David Black: authors apologize for lag.  Hope is to get authors on same page, and get document in by Sept last call.  
[15:10:06] <david.sinicrope> PWE3 OAM Config - LDP for configuration - expired - adopted and then no further progress.  No authors in the room.  Need someone to progress if WG is interested
[15:10:26] <david.sinicrope> MPLS-tp-ms-pw - no progress, no authors in the room
[15:10:42] <david.sinicrope> Stewart: do we need this document?  No plan for -tp MS PW.
[15:10:58] <david.sinicrope> Matthew: we will go through expired drafts and determine next steps.
[15:11:08] <david.sinicrope> Andy: we could askt SG15 about them
[15:11:16] <david.sinicrope> Status 5 slide
[15:11:33] <david.sinicrope> vccv-for-gal - expired - Luca asked to refresh
[15:12:03] <david.sinicrope> Andy - was in touch with authors of 4447bis.  Authors committed to revision "quite soon"
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[15:12:34] <david.sinicrope> Andy did a pre-shepard revue.  Should add a section on what's changed, will be first question asked by IESG
[15:12:54] <david.sinicrope> editorial fixes will be done too and then a .02 which will goto Last Call
[15:13:08] <david.sinicrope> mpls-tp-ms was discussed already duplicate
[15:13:15] <david.sinicrope> Status 6 slide
[15:13:45] <david.sinicrope> mspw-er-01 iwent to last call and is in shepard state
[15:14:24] <david.sinicrope> is -tp-cv-adv ready for last call?  How many read the draft?  three out of 25 in the room.  please read the draft and post comments
[15:14:37] <david.sinicrope> Incoming liaison slide from SG15
[15:14:57] <david.sinicrope> Heads Up slide
[15:15:23] <david.sinicrope> Please send comments to L2TPEXT list
[15:15:43] <david.sinicrope> PW Endpoint Fast Falure Protection - Yimin presenting - see slides
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[15:16:15] <david.sinicrope> Update Slide
[15:16:22] <Andy Malis> Hi Giles and Yaacov, are you listening to the audio stream?
[15:16:30] <david.sinicrope> Andy thanked for help on draft
[15:16:54] <david.sinicrope> Mechanisms only applicable when advertised in TLV
[15:16:54] <Y(J)S> Andy - I just connected
[15:17:04] <david.sinicrope> Modivation slide
[15:17:16] <Y(J)S> not only am I not in Berlin, I'm 15 minutes late :(
[15:17:29] <david.sinicrope> That would be "Motivation"  (my brain doesn't have autocorrect.)
[15:17:55] <david.sinicrope> Scenario 1 slide
[15:18:05] <giles_heron> Yes - Andy, am listening to audio. Sorry - wasn't watching this window :)
[15:18:21] <david.sinicrope> <Yimin is pretty much going through the slides verbatim.  I'll post any comments or questions>
[15:18:48] <david.sinicrope> CE 2 is dual homed to PE2 and PE4
[15:18:52] <Andy Malis> Giles - you missed my announcement that we're expecting 4447bis-02 "very soon now"
[15:19:18] <giles_heron> yes - I heard that :)
[15:19:40] <david.sinicrope> Scenario 2 slide
[15:19:51] <david.sinicrope> is anyone NOT listening to the audio?
[15:20:04] <david.sinicrope> SCenario 3
[15:20:18] <david.sinicrope> Context ID
[15:21:05] <david.sinicrope> IP address owned by both routers and should be advertised by IGP or IGP -TE from both routers
[15:21:10] <Y(J)S> I need to fill the chairs in regarding cong-cons ...
[15:21:23] <david.sinicrope> Local Protection on PLR slide
[15:21:40] <Andy Malis> David Black took care of that for you!
[15:22:31] <Y(J)S> Oh - great. David, Bob and I will be Skyping after this session
[15:22:40] <david.sinicrope> Forwarding state on Protector slide
[15:22:41] <Andy Malis> Yes, that's what he said.
[15:23:19] <david.sinicrope> The PW labels from the primary be are learned via a TLDP session using the mechanisms in this draft.
[15:23:54] <david.sinicrope> Summary slide
[15:24:02] <david.sinicrope> just a summary of features in draft
[15:24:29] <david.sinicrope> Mechanism can protect ingress AC and SS and MS PWs
[15:25:00] <david.sinicrope> Next Steps slide
[15:25:57] <david.sinicrope> Andy: read draft poll:  several out of 25.  several agree ready for WG adoption.  Adoption poll will run on list.  Andy has been ack'd in draft so Matthew will run poll.
[15:26:21] <david.sinicrope> Loa on Shepherd's report on dynamic ms pw draft
[15:27:24] <david.sinicrope> May not normally do reporting on shepherds activities but this time not part of wg leadership so wanted to give an update.  All involved in the WG are involved in the draft so needed someone with a fresh look
[15:27:49] <david.sinicrope> external person from wg not unusual to appoint as shepherd
[15:28:01] <david.sinicrope> shepherd review slide
[15:28:18] <david.sinicrope> -17 folks on draft including the Chairs
[15:28:27] <david.sinicrope> bad example of merging a few drafts
[15:28:50] <david.sinicrope> Loooooooooong list of nits
[15:29:12] <david.sinicrope> many result from the merging of drafts.
[15:29:48] <david.sinicrope> first draft from 2006 and indiv drafts from 2004.... a decade of work
[15:29:51] <david.sinicrope> IPR poll slide
[15:29:55] <david.sinicrope> real problem
[15:30:02] <david.sinicrope> 20 co-authors
[15:30:27] <david.sinicrope> Hard to find authors since work has lasted so long
[15:31:31] <david.sinicrope> can't remove person from author list - that wouldn't work
[15:31:55] <david.sinicrope> each author has influence such that their IPR could be ncluded and then not disclosed
[15:32:31] <david.sinicrope> Matthew: 2 outstanding responses, a few more came int eh last couple of days
[15:32:48] <Y(J)S> I think that according to the new diversity rules Loa needs to say he or she even if there are no she's on the author list ...
[15:32:52] <david.sinicrope> Most folks accounted for, but some still on vacation
[15:33:04] <david.sinicrope> Scott Bradner:  20 co-authors but only 3 on first page
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[15:33:39] <david.sinicrope> <actually Scott asked and the 3 on the first page was the answer>
[15:33:59] <david.sinicrope> If they all don't answer Stewart will harass Loa by phone
[15:34:11] <david.sinicrope> Shepherd Write Up slide
[15:35:12] <david.sinicrope> given 20 authors support for work should be good
[15:35:31] <david.sinicrope> Andy: comment from Loa and AD - ANYONE can be a document shepherd
[15:36:20] <david.sinicrope> If anyone interested, please volunteer.  Good training for WG Chair to learn administrative details.
[15:37:04] <david.sinicrope> Stewart:  Also gives person some visibility. Shepherd ensures that authors address comments and chase them down.
[15:37:44] <david.sinicrope> Keyed IPv6 Tunnels - Wim
[15:38:06] <david.sinicrope> Slide 1 - filling in for Giles
[15:38:24] <Andy Malis> There's only one slide on this one
[15:38:43] <david.sinicrope> Draft not for PW working group.. Should be on L2TPEXT working group.  However given PW expertise here decided to present here.
[15:38:52] <david.sinicrope> <but it's still slide 1>
[15:39:39] <david.sinicrope> can work without the session ID.  Described in the draft
[15:40:22] <david.sinicrope> Use PW OAM mechanisms for failure detection
[15:40:44] <david.sinicrope> comment on L2TPEXT mailing list
[15:40:58] <david.sinicrope> solution implemented by multiple vendors and deployed.  Informational draft
[15:41:23] <david.sinicrope> Andy: if its deployed why infomrational rather than standards track?
[15:41:35] <david.sinicrope> Wim: because we don't change any protocol, just show the way it is used.
[15:41:36] <Y(J)S> So this draft is only to document an already deployed method ?
[15:41:56] <Y(J)S> If not, there are other (better) ways of doing this
[15:41:56] <david.sinicrope> I"m up
[15:42:03] <Andy Malis> I'll be taking minutes
[15:42:30] <Andy Malis> David is presenting the liaison from SG15 Q10 and Q12
[15:42:43] <Andy Malis> The figure is the important part
[15:43:47] <Andy Malis> The questions noticed that there's not much clarity on which combinations of p2p SS and MS PWs and p2mp PWs are valid
[15:44:43] <Andy Malis> Greg Mirsky - Ne needs a clarification - what kind of a PW maps to a P2MP PW, given that in MPLS-TP there may not be an IP return path?
[15:44:45] <Y(J)S> actually p2mp over p2p doesn't make sense, p2p can be p2mp - why not ?
[15:45:05] <Y(J)S> (should have been p2p can be OVER p2mp)
[15:45:17] <Andy Malis> Dave - we need to provide additional clarifications in the P2MP requirements draft to what combinations make sense and which don't
[15:45:51] <Andy Malis> Dave - additional clarity on these combations would be appreciated
[15:46:23] <Andy Malis> Btewart - woudln't the most interesting one be P2P MS SW over a P2MP LSP, which isn't in there?
[15:46:39] <Andy Malis> Stewart - so we could make progress on the document, and make it simpler?
[15:47:25] <david.sinicrope> We need to provide clarification of how p2mp pw can be combined with LSPs
[15:48:13] <Andy Malis> A comment that agrees that we need to remove the P2MP MS PW case
[15:48:34] <david.sinicrope> Matthew: Focus on the p2mp ss pw case and should be able to build from that.
[15:48:48] <david.sinicrope> If that is done, then gives clarity to the models
[15:48:54] <Andy Malis> Stewart - then models 1, 2, and 3 don't exist
[15:49:42] <Andy Malis> Dave - They don't explicitly ask for a response, but the clarification provided by December would be helpful
[15:49:58] <Andy Malis> Matthew-  we'll work on a response with the editors of the P2MP editors
[15:50:05] <david.sinicrope> Editors of the p2mp should draft a response for the Dec Q12 meeting
[15:50:13] <david.sinicrope> Andy adjourned the meeting.
[15:50:24] <Y(J)S> PWE3 session duration decreases each time
[15:50:44] <Andy Malis> That question was Yuji Kamite
[15:50:52] giles_heron leaves the room
[15:50:54] <Andy Malis> was from Yuji
[15:50:59] <Andy Malis> And we're done!
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