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[20:26:30] <YJS> agenda bashing
[20:26:35] <YJS> document status
[20:28:48] <YJS> Stewart at mike commented on documents in waiting states
[20:29:17] <YJS> p2mp pw reqs has volunteers to progress
[20:30:17] <Andy Malis> Regarding ICCP: Yaakov S. remarked that he read the application in the IPR disclosure
[20:30:31] <Andy Malis> He believes it is much more far-reaching than stated on the list
[20:30:46] <Andy Malis> The application applies to all ICCP, not just the PW
[20:31:31] <YJS> status reduction - Luca at mike says it is ready for LC, Andy asks for refresh
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[20:32:39] <YJS> vccv for gal - poll : reduce scope and publish, and then vccv-bis (will discuss as part of the agenda)
[20:33:16] <Andy Malis> Hi to cbowers - are you in the room, or remote?
[20:33:56] <YJS> first agenda item - vccv
[20:34:46] <Andy Malis> Yaakov - there was some discussion between the authors, and we understand what the WG wants
[20:35:09] <Andy Malis> VCCV for GAL first, then the updated VCCV RFC
[20:35:26] <Andy Malis> Wants to make sure that everyone agrees what will happen
[20:40:46] <Andy Malis> Consensus is 1. VCCV for GAL, 2. A new RFC that includes all VCCV modes, including GAL
[20:53:10] <Andy Malis> Yaakov is presenting his congestion draft
[20:57:12] <YJS> Sami - static checking using GACh
[21:02:40] <YJS> Luca at mike - there is a similar mechanism in his draft
[21:04:14] <YJS> Mach: LDP Extensions for Lock Instruct and Loopback of Pseudowire in MPLS Transport Profile
[21:11:28] <YJS> continues: LDP extensions for explicit PW to transport LSP mapping
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[21:17:16] <YJS> Jie Dong: PW redundancy on S-PE
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[21:28:29] <YJS> Stewart : In MS-PW docs there is a principle that the T-PE does not know it is talking to an S-PE. Is that the case here ?
[21:28:36] <YJS> discussion
[21:29:01] <YJS> Mingui ZHANG: STP Application of ICCP
[21:33:38] <YJS> Don: DRNI in IEEE is similar. need to coordinate with them
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