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[00:26:17] David Sinicrope joins the room
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[00:59:53] <David Sinicrope> Welcome Yaakov!
[01:00:00] <David Sinicrope> Would you like to jabber scribe?
[01:00:08] <YJS> Hi David - why isn't there WebEx for this session
[01:00:22] <YJS> little hard for me to scribe remotely
[01:00:22] <David Sinicrope> No PC to project
[01:00:39] <David Sinicrope> I'm joking about jabber, your scribing will be missed.
[01:01:02] <YJS> but Scott isn't here !
[01:01:10] <David Sinicrope> he's getting there
[01:01:34] <David Sinicrope> current working group status. Andy is not going to go over working group milestons on charter
[01:01:59] <David Sinicrope> Andy and Matthew will go through milestones in charter which aren't done and see how they should be revised.
[01:02:34] <David Sinicrope> they will email list with proposed revisions. Look at charter and drop them an email on thoughts concerning milestones, in particular document editors with deadlines that aren't realistic.
[01:02:45] <David Sinicrope> Do this by next week or so.
[01:02:50] <David Sinicrope> 3 new RFCs.
[01:03:02] <David Sinicrope> one doc in editor's queue
[01:03:13] <YJS> OAM MSG MAP !!!!!
[01:03:14] <David Sinicrope> more docs in progress (slide document status 2)
[01:03:31] <David Sinicrope> Did you want to aske a question?
[01:03:42] scott.mansfield joins the room
[01:03:42] <YJS> no, just happy
[01:03:48] <David Sinicrope> Oh. me too
[01:04:07] <scott.mansfield> Welcome to PWE3... Andy Malis and David Sinicrope in the front of the room
[01:04:08] <David Sinicrope> doc status 3
[01:04:20] <David Sinicrope> OK scott, the scribing is yours
[01:04:37] <scott.mansfield> Sorry tunnel problem --- now fixed, obviously
[01:05:12] <scott.mansfield> Andy is covering
[01:05:22] <scott.mansfield> on document status 5
[01:06:48] <scott.mansfield> draft-ietf-pwe3-static-pw-status -- last remaining pwe3 draft needed for mpls-tp. comments resolution is done and revised document is being prepared
[01:07:16] <scott.mansfield> next step for that draft is the RFC Editor -- goal to get the RFC number before the SG15 ITU meeting in December
[01:07:32] <scott.mansfield> Document Status 6
[01:08:57] <scott.mansfield> new drafts that need comment: draft-ietf-pwe3-oam-config-00 and draft-ietf-pwe3-status-reduction-00
[01:09:18] <scott.mansfield> call for working group adoption --- please review draft-nadeau-pwe2-vccv-2-02
[01:09:34] <scott.mansfield> Questions? I can channel....
[01:10:05] <scott.mansfield> David Black -->
[01:10:15] <scott.mansfield> draft-ietf-pwe3-fc-encap-16
[01:12:03] <scott.mansfield> stewart bryant --
[01:12:38] <YJS> (but we recognize stewart's voice)
[01:12:48] <scott.mansfield> Clarification of pwe3 references...
[01:13:29] <scott.mansfield> Stewart -- what changes need to be made to the PWE FC drafts? only reference changes
[01:13:49] <scott.mansfield> Lizhong Jin:
[01:13:59] <scott.mansfield> draft-ietf-pwe2-cbit-negotiation-02
[01:15:17] <scott.mansfield> slide 3 on Control word re-negotiation
[01:16:48] <scott.mansfield> slide 4 next steps -- wants to go to last call
[01:17:01] <scott.mansfield> questions?
[01:17:15] Stewart Bryant joins the room
[01:17:50] <scott.mansfield> Chairs will discuss after IETF82, and then talk to the authors. The draft is in good shape, but discussion with both chairs is needed.
[01:17:58] <scott.mansfield> Sami Boutros...
[01:18:06] <scott.mansfield>
[01:18:13] <scott.mansfield> draft-ietf-pwe2-p2mp-pw
[01:18:28] <scott.mansfield> oops draft-ietf-pwe3-p2mp-pw
[01:19:04] <scott.mansfield> Slide on Background
[01:19:45] <scott.mansfield> Label Mapping Message for Upstream-Assigned Label slide
[01:21:32] <scott.mansfield> Label Mapping Message for Downstream-Assigned Label slide
[01:21:55] <scott.mansfield> Selective Tree Interface Parameter Sub-TLV slide
[01:22:11] <scott.mansfield> P2MP PW LDP Capability slide
[01:22:37] <scott.mansfield> IANA Allocations slide
[01:23:39] <scott.mansfield> Questions?
[01:24:11] <scott.mansfield> next draft
[01:24:53] <David Sinicrope> doing LSP ping first before mac wd
[01:24:55] <scott.mansfield> sorry
[01:24:59] <scott.mansfield> first
[01:25:21] <scott.mansfield> draft-jain-mpls-p2m-pw-lsp-ping
[01:25:32] <scott.mansfield> LSP Ping Support for P2MP PW slide
[01:26:30] <scott.mansfield> Proposed FEC 130 Pseudowire Sub TLV Format slide
[01:26:44] <scott.mansfield> Operations Slide
[01:28:01] <scott.mansfield> Controlling Echo Responses slide
[01:28:36] <scott.mansfield> Reply Mode Field slide
[01:29:24] <scott.mansfield> Future slide
[01:29:59] <scott.mansfield> Next Steps slide
[01:30:16] <scott.mansfield> questions?
[01:30:32] <scott.mansfield> take the request for working group adoption to the list
[01:30:43] <scott.mansfield>
[01:30:54] <scott.mansfield> draft-boutros-pwe3-mpls-tp-mac-wd-02
[01:31:04] <scott.mansfield> Background slide
[01:31:45] <scott.mansfield> MAC Withdraw OAM Message slide
[01:31:56] <scott.mansfield> back to Background slide
[01:32:44] <scott.mansfield> now on to MAC Withdraw OAM Message slide
[01:33:53] <scott.mansfield> MAC Withdraw OAM Message (cont'd) slide
[01:34:30] <scott.mansfield> Operation slide
[01:35:20] <scott.mansfield> Operations (cont'd) slide
[01:35:32] <scott.mansfield> IANA Allocation slide
[01:35:44] <scott.mansfield> Questions?
[01:35:58] <scott.mansfield> Stewart Bryant---
[01:36:36] <scott.mansfield> Question to the chairs. This is an application, so should only be a pwe3 document. Andy, not currently a working group document
[01:37:16] <scott.mansfield> This is VPLS and not a transport related thing, but not building a piece of transport technology. This should be PWE3 only.
[01:37:26] <scott.mansfield> To be considered by the chairs
[01:37:30] <scott.mansfield> Luca Martini
[01:37:43] <scott.mansfield> Any interest in this except Sami?
[01:38:01] <scott.mansfield> Loa, please state your question more clearly
[01:38:09] <scott.mansfield> Is there interest in this room?
[01:38:28] <scott.mansfield> Andy: That question can only be answered on the mailing list
[01:38:40] <scott.mansfield> Luca: Doesn't see any interest in this document
[01:39:57] <YJS> this may be useful (but maybe should be done in L2VPN)
[01:40:27] <scott.mansfield> right.. Stewart's point is to use the L2VPN and PWE3 lists
[01:40:36] <YJS> wow - the audio has really long delay
[01:41:09] <scott.mansfield> draft-dong-pwe2-redundancy-spe (J. Dong)
[01:41:22] <scott.mansfield> Background slide
[01:42:18] <scott.mansfield> PW Redundancy on S-PE slide
[01:42:58] <scott.mansfield> PW redundancy on S-PE (Cont.) slide
[01:43:30] <scott.mansfield> Operations on S-PE slide
[01:44:18] <scott.mansfield> next step slide
[01:44:22] <scott.mansfield> Questions?
[01:44:43] <scott.mansfield> Lizong
[01:44:50] <scott.mansfield> concern with OAM
[01:45:22] <scott.mansfield> How to use TTL?
[01:45:33] <scott.mansfield> set TTL to a large number
[01:45:46] <scott.mansfield> Go to PW redundany on S-PE slide
[01:46:20] <scott.mansfield> How do you know what to set the TTL to?
[01:46:24] <YJS> obvious answer is NOT to use type 3 !
[01:46:32] <scott.mansfield> right
[01:46:48] <YJS> presenter does not understand the question
[01:46:49] <scott.mansfield> Stewart is explaining that you don't use TTL expiry for OAM
[01:47:06] <YJS> once again, the audio is really delayed
[01:47:35] <YJS> now I hear Stewart
[01:47:51] lllmartini joins the room
[01:48:34] <YJS> my guess is about 5 seconds one-way delay
[01:48:41] <scott.mansfield> Wim Henderickx draft-pkwok-pwe3-pw-communities
[01:49:14] <scott.mansfield> History and Updates slide
[01:50:12] <scott.mansfield> Objectives (Recap) slide
[01:50:38] <scott.mansfield> Problem Statement (Recap) slide
[01:51:02] <scott.mansfield> Problem Statement (New) slide
[01:51:32] <scott.mansfield> Solution (Updated) slide
[01:52:01] <scott.mansfield> PW Template community Type slide
[01:52:29] <scott.mansfield> PW Color Community Type slide
[01:53:31] <scott.mansfield> Next Steps slide --- Questions?
[01:53:51] <scott.mansfield> Is it useful and should we go for working group adoption
[01:54:06] <scott.mansfield> A few hands to indicate that some have read the draft
[01:54:11] <scott.mansfield> Andy -- question will go to the list
[01:54:14] <scott.mansfield> Luca
[01:54:36] <scott.mansfield> What about BGP?
[01:55:17] <scott.mansfield> BGP can be used, but it isn't always there -- that is why the capability needs to be in LDP as well (wim)
[01:56:16] <scott.mansfield> Questions?
[01:56:23] <scott.mansfield> Andy -- -discussion to the list
[01:56:50] <scott.mansfield> Mach Chen draft-cao-pwe3-mpls-tp-pw-over-bidir-lsp
[01:57:23] <scott.mansfield> Problem Statement slide
[01:58:19] <scott.mansfield> Solution Overview (Single-Hop) (strict Mode) slide
[01:59:08] <scott.mansfield> Solution Overview (Single-Hop) (Congruent Mode)
[01:59:37] <scott.mansfield> Solution Overview (Multi-Segment) (Strict Mode)
[01:59:43] <scott.mansfield> Protocol Extension slide
[02:00:23] <scott.mansfield> Changes since last version slide
[02:00:48] <scott.mansfield> Next step --- questions?
[02:01:11] <scott.mansfield> Andy -- who read the draft? few hands
[02:01:12] <YJS> not clear why needed for ss-pw case. both sides can know which tunnel is used, so why signal it ?
[02:02:16] <scott.mansfield> static configuration is not scalable
[02:02:26] <scott.mansfield> ok?
[02:02:35] <David Sinicrope> moving on
[02:02:37] <YJS> not really, I'll take it to the list
[02:02:44] <scott.mansfield> very good
[02:03:10] <scott.mansfield> draft-chen-mpls-ipv6-pw-lsp-ping (
[02:03:21] <scott.mansfield> Problem statement slide
[02:03:52] <scott.mansfield> Solutions slide
[02:04:34] <scott.mansfield> Solutions (cont.) slide
[02:05:29] <scott.mansfield> Next step --- questions?
[02:06:07] <scott.mansfield> Andy --- this is an important piece of work --- please read the draft esp. people involved in v6 work
[02:06:50] <scott.mansfield> Donald Eastlake 3rd ( draft-yong-trill-trill-o-mpls-00
[02:07:10] <scott.mansfield> About this draft slide
[02:08:22] <scott.mansfield> Transparent Interconnect of Loss of Links (TRILL) slide
[02:08:45] <scott.mansfield> oops --- Lots (freudian slip)
[02:09:18] <scott.mansfield> Use Case slide
[02:10:05] <scott.mansfield> next slide
[02:10:11] <scott.mansfield> (still called Use Case)
[02:10:52] <scott.mansfield> Hierarchical L2VPN slide
[02:11:31] <scott.mansfield> Ack slide
[02:11:43] <scott.mansfield> next steps --- questions?
[02:12:00] <scott.mansfield> send comments to the trill working group as well
[02:12:35] <scott.mansfield> Andy -- Has the trill working group compared this solution and what is going on in the L2VPN group (on PBB)?
[02:12:54] <scott.mansfield> PBB is not discussed in Trill
[02:13:39] <scott.mansfield> Lucy Yong draft-mack-crane-l2vpn-spb-o-mpls (
[02:14:08] <scott.mansfield> Similar to previous, but talks about SPB instead of TRILL
[02:14:25] <scott.mansfield> About this draft slide
[02:15:12] adrianfarrel joins the room
[02:15:58] <David Sinicrope> .STP should be SPT which stands for Shortest Path Tree.
[02:16:23] <David Sinicrope> typo on the slide
[02:16:24] <scott.mansfield> Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) slide
[02:18:27] <scott.mansfield> Use Cases slide
[02:21:14] <scott.mansfield> Hierarchical L2VPN slide
[02:22:33] <adrianfarrel> Anyone uderstand what work there is for the PWE3 working group here?
[02:22:57] <David Sinicrope> She noted that its an informational draft and there is no change to the protocols.
[02:23:10] <David Sinicrope> Looks like solution architecture that should be brought to ….. BBF?
[02:23:17] <scott.mansfield> It uses PWs -- that is the best I can see
[02:23:26] <scott.mansfield> next steps --- questions?
[02:24:22] <David Sinicrope> adrian you want us to ask?
[02:24:43] <scott.mansfield> Andy --- targeted to the L2VPN list --- put comments on the L2VPN list
[02:25:10] <scott.mansfield> Yuxia Ma draft-hao-pwe3-iccp-extensions-for-msp
[02:25:17] <scott.mansfield>
[02:25:29] <scott.mansfield> Updates slides
[02:25:55] <scott.mansfield> UPdates -- application scenario slide
[02:28:05] <scott.mansfield> backup connection is from the Service router to either NE2 or NE3
[02:28:13] <scott.mansfield> Updates -- application scenario slide
[02:28:43] <David Sinicrope> Scott: I didn't understand her answer. How is the back up using both links?
[02:29:02] <scott.mansfield> one connection is the backup connection
[02:29:22] <scott.mansfield> we could say the connection to NE2 is primary and NE3 is backup
[02:29:34] <scott.mansfield> next steps questions?
[02:29:34] <David Sinicrope> Or the way the figure was drawn the other way round
[02:30:02] <scott.mansfield> lots of people have read the draft '
[02:30:08] <scott.mansfield> Luca -- take this to the list
[02:30:28] <scott.mansfield> Is there any requirement from SPs to do this across two different platforms?
[02:30:54] <scott.mansfield> This would standardize something that has been around for many years
[02:31:08] <scott.mansfield> Andy -- take adoption question to the list
[02:31:13] <scott.mansfield> questions?
[02:31:33] <scott.mansfield> Meeting is over -- see you in Paris
[02:31:38] <YJS> you see what happens when I am not there to go to the mike ? you finish really early!
[02:32:01] <scott.mansfield> funny!, it is still better when you are here
[02:32:12] <YJS> for next time we really need Sasha and I back ...
[02:32:29] <David Sinicrope> I agree Yaakov
[02:33:18] <YJS> I hear Andy laughing
[02:33:38] <YJS> too hard to ask - the delay is too long
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