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[16:00:47] * mattz has changed the subject to: Performance Metrics for Other Layers (pmol) WG
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[16:06:48] <mattz> benoit, are you listening to the audio stream?
[16:06:53] <bclaise> yep.
[16:07:04] <mattz> 'k. I'll try to help relay q's (if any)
[16:07:07] <bclaise> quality is quite good so far...
[16:07:11] <bclaise> thanks.
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[16:31:25] <bclaise> question: I'm not too sure how we could speak about composite metrics, if we don't define the metrics in the draft. This is so dependent on the metric types...
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[16:43:32] <bclaise> I think that there is more content (and things to do) in the Alan's slide that in the draft itself. So it's a good start, but I think it still missing some information.
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