[15:38:37] --- Dan has joined
[15:51:13] <Dan> test: hello pkix
[15:54:35] --- ms has joined
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[16:00:55] --- jhutz has joined
[16:01:28] <jhutz> Hopefully somone will be scribing here?
[16:04:08] <Dan> I'm not sure if there's a scribe. I'm listening to an audio in which I can just barely make out a few voices.
[16:04:38] --- mrex has joined
[16:15:42] --- stefans has joined
[16:16:05] <stefans> We have asked for scribing help
[16:16:30] <stefans> I'm here to forward any comments you may have
[16:17:56] <jhutz> well, none until I get the audio stream working Except I'd like to see the ecc algs document done, since pkinit-ecc is blocking on it
[16:25:20] --- jhutz has left: Disconnected
[16:25:50] <stefans> Is the audio working now?
[16:26:33] <stefans> Tim Polk will provide the designteam report on the ECC poblic key info a bit later
[16:30:44] --- jhutz has joined
[16:31:04] <jhutz> I don't know; I need to get the client working on my end.
[16:38:42] --- kseo has joined
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[16:51:35] <stefans> Is there anyone here taht can successfully hear the audiostream?
[16:52:36] --- kseo has left
[16:53:54] --- kseo has joined
[16:54:14] <Dan> Yes, I can hear it fine!
[16:57:27] <jhutz> I am hearing something, but it sounds like random background conversation, not an actual WG meeting
[16:58:07] <jhutz> Like, I hear 10+ people talking at once
[16:58:30] <jhutz> oh, wrong channel, apparently
[17:06:28] <jhutz> tell people asking questions to use the mic
[17:07:44] <jhutz> Are there slides for this presentation? What filename?
[17:14:39] <jhutz> PLEASE ask people to use the mic when asking questions. People who do not use the mic cannot be heard at all by those of us listening remotely.
[17:28:24] --- ryu.inada has left: Lost connection
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[17:34:19] <Dan> The comment about 62-2005 does not seem correct to me
[17:36:13] <jhutz> OK, now people are using the mic. If only Russ would give his name...
[17:41:14] <Dan> I found the paragraph in 62-2005. I agree that this was a mistake. Indeed, it contradicts other statements in X9.62-2005.
[17:42:59] <jhutz> So, is it me, or does it sound like this issue is not actually any closer to being resolved?
[17:44:38] <jhutz> Shut up phill
[17:45:02] <Dan> I guess we should not use any crypto at all, then.
[17:48:13] --- pguenther has joined
[17:48:27] <jhutz> May I humbly suggest that "crypto is unnecessary" is not in scope for this discussion?
[17:50:08] <Dan> Yes, it was unfair to reduce Phill's argument to absurdity
[17:51:24] <jhutz> I don't think that was an unfair reduction. If Phill thought there was a genuine lack of need for this draft, he (a) should have brought it up earlier, and (b) should have begun with a serious argument instead of an absurd one.
[17:52:46] <Dan> I agree that resolution seems no closer. It seems farther: now there's three (maybe four) camps.
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