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[17:01:09] <Dhruv Dhody>
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[17:04:20] <> WG Status Slides -
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[17:13:22] <> 2.1 P2MP stateful PCE -
[17:13:47] <> (Dhruv Dhody) speaking
[17:21:00] <> 2.2 PCEP Extensions for Service Function Chaining - (Qin Wu)
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[17:38:02] <> 2.3 PCE as a Central Controller (PCECC) Procedures and Protocol Extensions - - (Chao Zhou)
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[17:44:02] <> 3.1 PCEP Extensions for MPLS-TE LSP Path Protection with stateful PCE - (Hariharan Ananthakrishnan)
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[17:51:36] <ravi> @Huaimo - this draft will not cover algorithms for backup path computation..
[17:52:25] <> 3.2 PCEP Extension for Flow Specification - (Shunwan Zhuang)
[17:57:48] <Dr. Barkha Bahl> LSP Path protection means
[17:58:22] <Dr. Barkha Bahl> LSP Path protection means
[17:58:36] <> 3.3 PCEP Extensions for Tunnel Segment - - Xia Chen
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[17:58:57] <Cyril Margaria> LSP Path protection is the end to end protection, FRR is more local protection. Different mechanisms are used
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[18:00:27] <Garima Pandey> hummm
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[18:00:44] <Dr. Barkha Bahl> SR domains means
[18:00:59] <Cyril Margaria> addresses the FRR mechanism
[18:01:09] <Dr. Barkha Bahl> SR segment means
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[18:01:39] <adrianfarrel> SR segment is a fragment of segment routed path
[18:01:43] <Dr. Barkha Bahl> SR segment means
[18:01:53] <adrianfarrel> think of it as a short LSP in a segment routing network
[18:02:14] <adrianfarrel> Dr B, speak now
[18:02:24] <adrianfarrel> we don't hear you
[18:04:05] <Meetecho> Dr. Barkha Bahl: have you made the self-test before joining?
[18:04:12] <Meetecho>
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[18:04:53] <adrianfarrel> SR sgement is quite a bit of pre-defined terminology coming out of the SPRING working group that specifies segmnt routing.
[18:05:10] <adrianfarrel> I suggest going to the SPRING working group and rading some of the architecture documents there
[18:05:21] <> Helpful site for SR:
[18:06:03] <adrianfarrel> Or
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[18:13:05] <> 3.4 PCEP Extensions for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection - - Xia Chen
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[18:25:22] <> 3.5 Hierarchical Stateful PCE - - Dhruv Dhody
[18:28:39] <rajan rao> what happens when a partial set of child PCEs delegate but not all?
[18:29:19] <rajan rao> how do you co-ordinate this across domains?
[18:30:27] <> Rajen, we note the Q's. We will ask Dhruv when he stops for breath.
[18:31:08] <rajan rao> thx
[18:32:57] <> OFC we would love to hear your voice if you want to join Meetecho
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[18:34:09] <rajan rao> noisy around my cube!!
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[18:34:28] <> Ah :-)
[18:37:41] <rajan rao> what would be e2E LSP state, who owns?
[18:38:06] <rajan rao> ok
[18:39:09] <Julien Meuric> FWIW, Meetecho/Jabber are also archived on the IETF website.
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[18:40:05] <> 3.6 Establishing Relationships Between Sets of LSPs and Virtual Networks  - - Young Lee
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[18:42:52] <ravi> some of the drafts presented today do not callout "Stateful" or Stateless explicitly - does this matter?  New meaning of "PCE" is  PCE-stateful?
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[18:44:21] <adrianfarrel> @Ravi: This is a key question for the future. The WG could usefully make a decision. Posisbly stateless is dead.
[18:44:50] <adrianfarrel> Posisbly we should make sure that we always add features for both stateul and stateless
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[18:45:04] <adrianfarrel> But let;s go one step forward...
[18:45:17] <adrianfarrel> A lot of this work assumes PCE initiation
[18:46:53] <ravi> @adrian - agreed, thanks -  a survey could help to decide the fate of "stateless".
[18:48:20] <adrianfarrel> you wanna lead, or shall I?
[18:50:11] <ravi> @adrian No audio for me, please take it up.. thanks.
[18:50:33] <ravi> @adrian i hope q was for me.. :)
[18:50:53] <Cyril Margaria> Don't eat the last slot :-)
[18:51:31] <> :-) Will ensure you have your time.
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[18:53:37] <> 3.8 PCEP Procedures for Hierarchical LSPs - - Cyril
[18:53:47] <ravi> Cant hear you
[18:53:59] <ravi> please get closer to mic - thanks
[18:54:17] <Julien Meuric> Sound's good on my side...
[18:57:31] <Julien Meuric> See Ravi, statless still has interest for some. ;)
[18:57:56] <> :)
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[18:59:06] <rajan rao> bye
[18:59:17] <> Thanks all! See/hear you in Berlin.
[18:59:45] <Julien Meuric> Tschuss!
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[19:00:00] <ravi> @Julien :) humm... I will cyril - what is he going to implement first ...
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