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[10:55:16] <dhruvdhody> This is Dhruv your jabber scribe :)
[10:55:30] <dhruvdhody> PCE WG starts in 5 mins
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[10:57:35] <Cyril Margaria> Hi,
[10:57:43] <llanolddog> Hello Cyril
[10:57:57] <llanolddog> could you jabber completly for me because the audio is not working
[10:58:38] <Cyril Margaria> The session did not start
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[10:59:25] <Cyril Margaria> Whos says I am in the room :-)
[11:00:12] <dhruvdhody> My PCE discovery protocol?
[11:01:13] <Cyril Margaria> Is someone remote?
[11:02:18] <dhruvdhody> 1. Introduction
1.1. Administrivia, Agenda Bashing (chairs, 5 min)
[11:04:20] <llanolddog> JP is not in the room
[11:04:29] <llanolddog> He may need some help
[11:04:33] <dhruvdhody> 1.2. WG Status (chairs, 20 min) [25/120]
[11:04:43] <llanolddog> But generally  he can jabber quite well
[11:05:19] <Cyril Margaria> I heard he is in Alaska
[11:05:38] <llanolddog> Jamaica?
[11:06:12] <dhruvdhody> Cyril on mic
[11:07:05] <dhruvdhody> GMPLS extn would be updated after this IETF
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[11:09:43] <dhruvdhody> Dan King on Mic
[11:10:30] <dhruvdhody> Oscar on Mic
[11:11:01] <Cyril Margaria> Addition on the GMPLS extensions : All LC comments have been addressed, the update is for post-post-LC comments
[11:11:56] <dhruvdhody> Xian Zhang on Mic
[11:12:43] <dhruvdhody> <<Updated agenda item>>
[11:13:03] <dhruvdhody> Pavan presenting the state of TE Topology Model
[11:14:04] <dhruvdhody> 2. Work in Progress
2.1. PCEP Extensions for WDM Networks (Young Lee, 5 min) [30/120]
[11:16:32] <llanolddog> Dhruv. could you please jabber from within the pink square
[11:16:55] <Cyril Margaria> This will get crowded
[11:17:12] <Cyril Margaria> can we substitute that with a pink unicorn?
[11:17:23] <dhruvdhody> well i have a pink bag :)
[11:18:32] <dhruvdhody> 2.2. PCEP Extensions for Segment Routing (Jon Hardwick?, 10 min) [40/120]
[11:25:13] <dhruvdhody> Lou Berger on Mic
[11:26:39] <dhruvdhody> Jeff on Mic
[11:27:00] <dhruvdhody> 2.3. Stateful PCE in GMPLS-controlled Networks (Xian Zhang, 10 min) [50/120]
[11:31:42] <dhruvdhody> Loa Anderson on Mic
[11:33:15] <dhruvdhody> Lou Berger on Mic
[11:34:13] <dhruvdhody> 2.4. YANG Model for PCEP (Dhruv Dhody, 10 min) [60/120]
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[11:41:34] <Cyril Margaria> Tarek saad on Mic
[11:42:20] <Cyril Margaria> question: Why not split PCC and PCE,
[11:43:09] <Cyril Margaria> Adrian in mic
[11:45:56] <Cyril Margaria> Why is the LSPDb in the draft, TEDb is not, the document should be PCEP only
[11:47:10] <Cyril Margaria> Its not clear if the LSPDb should be in that module
[11:47:21] <Cyril Margaria> OScar at the mic (agrees with adrian)
[11:48:39] <Cyril Margaria> Druv : there is some PCEP specific LSPDb parameters
[11:49:32] <Cyril Margaria> Druv: where to go? , Adrian : start another document, in PCE WG, Lou at the mic : for general TE, TEAS,
[11:49:46] <Cyril Margaria> Last slide
[11:51:59] <dhruvdhody> 3. I-Ds not Discussed
3.1. Binding Labels (Jon Hardwick?, 5 min) [65/120]
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[11:55:43] <dhruvdhody> Ina on Mic
[11:55:46] <dhruvdhody> Now Uma
[11:56:11] <dhruvdhody> George swallow on Mic
[11:57:00] <dhruvdhody> Uma on Mic
[11:57:11] <dhruvdhody> Jeff on Mic
[11:57:53] <dhruvdhody> Shraddha on Mic
[11:58:23] <dhruvdhody> George on Mic
[11:58:56] <dhruvdhody> Shraddha on Mic
[11:59:19] <dhruvdhody> Ina on Mic
[12:01:22] <dhruvdhody> 3.2. PCEP Security Discovery (Michael Wang, 5 min) [70/120]
[12:05:28] <dhruvdhody> Uma on Mic
[12:09:58] <dhruvdhody> That was ur truly on mic earlier
[12:10:01] <dhruvdhody> 3.3. PCEP Extension for Association (Ina Minei, 10 min) [80/120]
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[12:20:13] <dhruvdhody> Jeff on Mic - very important, would like to see adoption
[12:20:57] <dhruvdhody> Lou on Mic
[12:21:14] <dhruvdhody> Adrian +1
[12:21:43] <dhruvdhody> 3.4. PCEP Extensions for SFC Traffic Sterring (Qin Wu, 10 min) [90/120]
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[12:31:05] <dhruvdhody> 3.5. LSP Scheduling (Yan Zhuang, 10 min) [100/120]
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[12:42:31] <dhruvdhody> 3.6. Temporal LSP (Huaimo Chen, 10 min) [110/120]
[12:53:10] <dhruvdhody> 3.7. PCE as Central Controller (Quintin/Dhruv/Luyuan/Robin, 10 min) [120/120]
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[13:03:31] <dhruvdhody> END OF THE MEETING
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