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[12:45:19] adrianfarrel joins the room
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[12:50:20] Cyril Margaria joins the room
[12:53:02] <Cyril Margaria> Toc,toc
[12:54:20] <Cyril Margaria> audio is not up
[13:04:00] <Cyril Margaria> audio is working
[13:05:05] <Cyril Margaria> bad quality
[13:07:58] adrianfarrel joins the room
[13:08:18] <Cyril Margaria> hi
[13:08:25] <Cyril Margaria> audio quality is bad
[13:09:26] <Cyril Margaria> I hear static, clicking noise, and wiping sound?
[13:10:43] <adrianfarrel> Hi Cyril
[13:10:50] <adrianfarrel> Hotel AV people forgot to get out of bed
[13:10:57] <adrianfarrel> Can you hear us now?
[13:11:26] <Cyril Margaria> yes, but the quality is unusually bad
[13:11:33] dhruvdhody joins the room
[13:11:34] <Cyril Margaria> I hear JP
[13:11:51] <Cyril Margaria> ah its a bit better,
[13:12:04] <Cyril Margaria> Congrats to Julien
[13:14:02] julien.meuric joins the room
[13:15:04] <julien.meuric> Hi there! :)
[13:15:10] <Cyril Margaria> Hi,
[13:15:21] <Cyril Margaria> congrats to you and your wife
[13:15:47] <julien.meuric> The same on my side: very low quality, while it's usually very fine.
[13:17:01] <julien.meuric> Thanks. Not fully done yet. ;)
[13:17:21] <julien.meuric> Doh !
[13:17:43] <Cyril Margaria> You have still time to build an extension to the house:-)
[13:21:21] <julien.meuric> That piece is almost done. ;)
[13:21:44] <julien.meuric> Dhruv with "church audio effect"...
[13:25:48] <adrianfarrel> No comments arrising
[13:26:06] dhruvdhody leaves the room
[13:26:18] <adrianfarrel> I suppose we should find out "Who has an implementation and has not responded to the survey?"
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[13:26:22] Daniel King joins the room
[13:27:55] <Cyril Margaria> can't hear anything
[13:28:04] <adrianfarrel> fixed?
[13:28:09] <Cyril Margaria> except that someone is talking (I guess Ina)
[13:28:10] <julien.meuric> No :(
[13:28:30] <julien.meuric> I'd say "so
[13:28:42] <julien.meuric> "someone whispering" from here.
[13:28:49] <Cyril Margaria> no background (or any) noise now
[13:28:52] <adrianfarrel> Pause again while hotel tries to fix video
[13:28:58] <adrianfarrel> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[13:29:30] <julien.meuric> Let's forget about Toronto and go to Vancouver!
[13:30:07] <adrianfarrel> Well, the AD has now moved from amused to bloody angry
[13:30:24] <adrianfarrel> We have now burnt about 40 man-hours
[13:31:01] <julien.meuric> So many people in the room?
[13:31:09] <adrianfarrel> OK, running again thanks to donation of Dhruv's PC
[13:31:32] <adrianfarrel> Rough guess 80
[13:35:55] <Cyril Margaria> should audio be back?
[13:36:47] <julien.meuric> I had to restart it.
[13:37:04] <Cyril Margaria> ok,
[13:37:08] <Cyril Margaria> thansk
[13:37:45] <julien.meuric> I hoping Dan is minuting carefully...
[13:37:56] <Cyril Margaria> me too, I think I hear an AD wispering
[13:38:15] <julien.meuric> With APs for the chairs....
[13:38:30] <adrianfarrel> Really, my comments were quiet on the streaming?
[13:38:37] <adrianfarrel> I was booming in the room!
[13:38:43] <julien.meuric> As Ina's voice...
[13:39:07] <julien.meuric> 1st session: the hotel isn't fully ready.
[13:39:13] <adrianfarrel> agrred
[13:39:23] <adrianfarrel> I am whining to the Seretariat
[13:39:34] <adrianfarrel> This will not help this meeting, however
[13:39:44] <Cyril Margaria> Comment on stateful : I think the document is not ready for Last call, new drafts that seem related to implementation are appearing
[13:39:54] <Cyril Margaria> from the same authors,
[13:40:18] <adrianfarrel> Their intention is to partition the work, but that might not be a good thing (or it might)
[13:40:52] <Cyril Margaria> For me it seems implementations are still ongoing, so it would be better to move the document to LC when the implementations are in the field, and ironed
[13:40:56] <adrianfarrel> I don't think there is a need for a last call to determine whether there should be a last call. It is OK for you to comment in last call that the document is not ready for publication
[13:42:34] <Cyril Margaria> I am OK to some level of separation in the documents, I think they should move all together to LC though, i.e wait for the other document to be mature in order to keep the documents consistent altogether
[13:43:10] <adrianfarrel> Hmmmm, yes. Although it is starting to sound like the authors think the whole batch is ready for last call
[13:43:54] <adrianfarrel> I bet you can hear Fatai :-)
[13:43:57] <Cyril Margaria> Yes
[13:44:07] <adrianfarrel> we are being deafened!
[13:44:17] <Cyril Margaria> Is he helping witht the jet lag?
[13:44:20] <adrianfarrel> You can probably hear him without the streaming
[13:44:21] <Daniel King> Just checking if you can hear Fatai (indeed, without the need of audio stream).
[13:44:22] <julien.meuric> Loud but not that clear
[13:44:33] <Daniel King> Ack.
[13:45:01] <julien.meuric> Let me open my window to check.
[13:45:01] <adrianfarrel> There is huge reverb. I thought it was the speaker system, but perhaps it is the amplifier
[13:46:45] <Cyril Margaria> From the feedback of the stateful-GMPLS extensions, it seems that some extension seems to be quite generic
[13:47:20] <Cyril Margaria> I prefer option 1
[13:47:28] <Cyril Margaria> (for the minutes)
[13:48:28] <adrianfarrel> I should have said...
If you want me to channel any comments then please tag them
[13:49:25] <Cyril Margaria> no that's fine
[13:49:59] <Daniel King> Thanks Cyril, comment recorded.
[13:50:38] <adrianfarrel> Slides? I see no slides
[13:59:41] <Cyril Margaria> 4.3. PCEP Extension for SFC Support (Qin Wu, 5 min) [65/150] I believe?
[14:00:00] <adrianfarrel> We're on 4.2
[14:00:12] <adrianfarrel>
[14:00:24] <julien.meuric> For sure, that's not Qin.
[14:00:32] <adrianfarrel> How is aduio for you now? Secretariat trying to chase
[14:00:41] <julien.meuric> Weak
[14:00:50] <julien.meuric> noisy
[14:00:59] <Cyril Margaria> Thanks
[14:01:15] <julien.meuric> But slightly improving (dependgin on presenter's voice?)
[14:01:40] <Cyril Margaria> Audio : with headset its better, but lots of noise
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[14:10:07] <julien.meuric> Dan as secretary + Dan as individual?
[14:15:42] Daniel King leaves the room
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[14:24:26] <Cyril Margaria> I would say that RFC4872 and RFC4873 implementers would agree :-)
[14:26:45] <julien.meuric> Are you speaking for yourself or proxying? :)
[14:27:07] <Cyril Margaria> time-proxying
[14:27:14] <Cyril Margaria> For my old self :-)
[14:28:47] <julien.meuric> Is the editor ready to receive post-LC comments ?
[14:28:47] <Cyril Margaria> I have a comment for the MIC: This mechanism is interesting, as implemented in RFC4872 and RFC4873. I am missing a description on the relation between those two
[14:28:55] <Cyril Margaria> Yes,
[14:29:03] <Cyril Margaria> I am ready to receive comments
[14:29:25] <Cyril Margaria> Well, its the job of the WG editor to listen (cougth)
[14:30:20] <Cyril Margaria> I have a comment for the MIC: This mechanism is interesting, its  implemented in RFC4872 and RFC4873. I am missing a description on the relation between this proposal and the existing mechanisms
[14:30:27] <Cyril Margaria> (sorry, rephrased)
[14:31:47] <Cyril Margaria> Who is speaking?
[14:32:05] <adrianfarrel> in queue
[14:32:09] <Cyril Margaria> Thanks
[14:32:46] Giovanni MARTINELLI joins the room
[14:32:58] <adrianfarrel> she said... on the list
[14:33:19] <Cyril Margaria> OK,
[14:34:52] Giovanni MARTINELLI leaves the room
[14:35:07] <Cyril Margaria> @Julien: I welcome comments, If you mean I should specify the use of the PROTECTION object for non-GMPLS LSPs, I have some ideas, and I am fine to receive some proposal too :-)
[14:35:44] Giovanni MARTINELLI joins the room
[14:36:04] <julien.meuric> Does it have it be different from GMPLS PSC?
[14:37:53] <Cyril Margaria> For GMPLS PSC no, but I am not 100% sure that the GMPLS PSC and MPLS mechanisms are fully matching.
[14:42:21] <julien.meuric> I wonder how the PCCs learn IP connectivity to the PCE... IGP?
[14:42:54] <adrianfarrel> ALTO?
[14:42:59] <julien.meuric> DNS
[14:43:12] <adrianfarrel> IGP?
[14:43:16] <Cyril Margaria> IGP
[14:43:29] <julien.meuric> Still need information to reach ALTO server...
[14:43:39] <Cyril Margaria> with the help of BGP sometine too, but not directly
[14:43:41] <adrianfarrel> Yes, use IGP to bootstrap the use of BGP that you are only using because you are not using the IGP
[14:43:51] <adrianfarrel> ALTO uses DNS for discovery
[14:43:51] <julien.meuric> :D
[14:46:25] <julien.meuric> OK, so IGP bootstraping to enable DNS-based discovery for the ALTO server,  to know how to reach the PCE discovered by BGP. Seems straightforward...
[14:46:48] <Cyril Margaria> For A PCE deployment there is usually an IGP/BGP-LS speaker around, I see no need for extension
[14:51:44] <julien.meuric> New presenter, same comment: how do optical devices learn about connectivity to PCE/NMS/EMS...? IGP flooding!
[14:52:17] <Cyril Margaria> Static routes
[14:52:32] <Cyril Margaria> (sometimes, sadly, yes)
[14:52:48] <Cyril Margaria> or L2 domain
[14:53:36] <Cyril Margaria> but its mainly legacy domain, new one is IGP based
[14:54:07] <julien.meuric> And "legacy" (not sure I catch that) would be PCEP-capable?
[14:56:05] <Cyril Margaria> I would have to go to the beergarten for that, but its very unlikely, so I would say 99% IGP flooding,
[14:56:54] <julien.meuric> Beergarten? Aren't on the East coast?
[14:57:18] <Cyril Margaria> yes, its the point
[15:02:25] <adrianfarrel> The "optical networks don't implement BGP-LS" thing is a distraction since only need one box in the n;w doing BGP-LS and in the figure the PCE proxy is that box
[15:04:52] <julien.meuric> Funny: the slides say "NetExt BOF" in meta-data.
[15:15:19] <> Ah, looks like: Network-Based Mobility Extensions <;rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;cad=rja&amp;uact=8&amp;ved=0CB4QFjAA&amp;;ei=SS7NU_nnCdTy7AaslIHgCQ&amp;usg=AFQjCNGGlCFCzGuYuVAHNqotbCZhm2zHRQ&amp;bvm=bv.71198958,d.ZGU>
[15:16:17] <> (mental note to self - clean meta data and change mods when sending any Microsft files to Julien.) ;-)
[15:17:50] <julien.meuric> I've just spoiled an interesting source of information. ;)
[15:29:07] <> Ok, we need a BCP for PCE presentations.  
[15:29:48] <adrianfarrel> can I go back to bed now?
[15:30:07] <> No! The fact you went to bed is unfair.
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[15:31:46] <julien.meuric> Bye
[15:32:10] <Cyril Margaria> Bye,
[15:32:16] <Cyril Margaria> Good night :-)
[15:32:20] <julien.meuric> (I hope the audio will improve for CCAMP, or else I'll go to bed.)
[15:32:39] <julien.meuric> Not yet: only 6h ahead.
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