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[15:30:30] <tony1athome> Discussing milestones
[15:31:54] <tony1athome> Looking for volunteers for a definition of objective metrics
[15:32:09] <tony1athome> July for draft of communication protocol
[15:32:19] <tony1athome> Longer term items are on the charter page
[15:33:16] <tony1athome> Question and explanation about "objective metrics" -- Mechanisms to say that PCE is "doing what you want"
[15:34:24] <tony1athome> Architecture document (draft-ash-pce-architecture-01.txt)
[15:35:54] <tony1athome> Not protocol extensions
[15:37:15] <tony1athome> Many different PCE models -- can be attached to the network in a variety of ways
[15:37:37] <tony1athome> Input is a service request, result is an explicit route
[15:39:12] <tony1athome> PCE can become global optimization platform
[15:40:18] <tony1athome> Minor updates
[15:40:56] <tony1athome> q: Can a stateful PCE be realistic?
[15:41:59] <tony1athome> Load, optimzation, reliability concerns
[15:45:01] <tony1athome> Is it client server only? Or can the PCE fetch information?
[15:46:36] <tony1athome> a: Want to enable fetch, but no need seen yet.
[15:47:34] <tony1athome> What are PCE response time requirements?
[15:48:58] <tony1athome> a: yes, we expect to support global optimization
[15:51:42] <tony1athome> Kireeti: Standardizing optimality would be hard
[15:52:48] <tony1athome> Adopted as a WG document
[15:53:39] <tony1athome> Requirements for PCE discovery
[15:54:56] <tony1athome> May need automated discovery for scaling
[15:55:19] <tony1athome> Inter-domain access, load balancing
[15:56:23] <tony1athome> capabilities
[15:57:54] <tony1athome> [example of ABRs acting as PCEs]
[15:58:41] <tony1athome> Number of PCEs in this case is high, so automation is good
[15:59:27] <tony1athome> Need address, capabilities, domain id, power
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[16:00:28] <tony1athome> inter-area, intra-area, inter-domain capabilities
[16:00:48] <tony1athome> overload
[16:03:02] <tony1athome> Solution must scale
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[16:18:09] <tony1athome> [Sorry, disconnected...]
[16:18:27] <tony1athome> Much discussion about contents of the document and all of the mechanisms that are being discussed
[16:19:12] <tony1athome> Communication protocol requirements
[16:19:27] <tony1athome> draft-ash-pce-comm-protocol-reqs-00.txt
[16:22:01] <tony1athome> [How can we spec requirements for a protocol when we can't spec the architecture requirements yet? -- TLI]
[16:27:04] <tony1athome> Request message has all sorts of TE-style path constraints
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[16:38:09] <tony1athome> Much more discussion, no strong conclusions
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