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[17:11:01] <stpeter> teco.boot: are you in the physical room? if not, we can channel questions to the mic for you
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[17:19:21] <stpeter> slides are available at
[17:31:41] <stpeter> Charlie Perkins at the mic
[17:34:22] <gabor_kiss> Is there a URL for streaming audio?
[17:34:40] <stpeter> yes
[17:34:42] <stpeter> please hold
[17:34:45] <gabor_kiss> OK
[17:34:57] <stpeter>
[17:35:03] <gabor_kiss> beautiful!
[17:35:21] <stpeter> gabor_kiss: if you have questions, we can relay them to the room
[17:36:19] <gabor_kiss> OK thanks. I hear the audio
[17:36:26] <stpeter> right now we are on slide 7
[17:36:50] <stpeter> (of the presentation by Subir Das)
[17:36:56] <gabor_kiss> Good thanks
[17:37:04] <stpeter> Slide 8 now
[17:37:16] <stpeter> (slides are not numbered, though)
[17:38:09] <stpeter> Slide 9
[17:38:19] <stpeter> audio might be delayed :)
[17:38:58] <gabor_kiss> Not by much, I think. He is on 9 on the audio too
[17:39:44] <stpeter> ok
[17:42:33] <stpeter> the other Gabor is at the mic
[17:42:39] <gabor_kiss> :-)
[17:43:10] <gabor_kiss> Now Brian Rosen ?
[17:43:13] <stpeter> yes
[17:43:15] <stpeter> sorry
[17:43:31] <gabor_kiss> About what?
[17:44:07] <stpeter> I didn't note that Brian was speaking (although he's supposed to identify himself :)
[17:44:27] <gabor_kiss> Easily recognizeable ....
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[17:45:48] stpeter has set the subject to: PAWS WG | | IETF 81: audio at and slides at
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[17:55:49] <stpeter> next presentation, by GĂ©rald Chouinard
[18:03:03] <stpeter> BTW these slides are not available at (or so it seems)
[18:11:47] <stpeter> that was Teco Boot at the mic
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[19:03:47] <gabor_kiss> Is it still PAWS on the audio or something else now?
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