[16:58:08] <Brian> \o hello everyone
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[16:59:06] <lpardue> hi
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[17:04:52] <Brian> and we have all presenters on webex now, so that's good
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[17:05:09] <Brian> https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-panrg-interim-2020-06?useMonospaceFont=true <- virtual bluesheet
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[17:06:06] <tenghardt> Hi everyone! Good to meet you at least virtually :)
[17:06:23] <tenghardt> If I suddenly drop off, it's not your fault, but Comcast is flaky :/
[17:07:23] <Brian> welcome to the wonders of the American last-mile
[17:09:15] tenghardt has set the subject to: Virtual interim June 2020
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[17:17:08] <spencerdawkins> Wait, is Teghhardt in North America now?
[17:17:18] <tenghardt> As of March 2020 :)
[17:17:38] <spencerdawkins> It's getting easier to meet you for lunch :-)
[17:17:48] <tenghardt> Eventually, but yes :)
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[17:50:33] <tenghardt> Not sure if we can use "+1" in addition to "+q" :)
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[17:52:12] <csperkins> Look forward to giving the IRSG a couple more drafts to review
[17:54:56] <Brian> I very much appreciate calling the RRG the Research Routing Group
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[18:53:46] <lpardue> +1 to Jana's please use commit IDs. For example, Cloudlfare quiche recently switched from reno to Cubic by defulat
[18:55:14] <lpardue> what I'm hearing is we need PANDPLPMTUD
[18:56:43] <csperkins> It’d be nice to get a short draft explaining why it’s more critical to give precise version information with QUIC than with TCP, since I see a lot of papers/results lacking this detail.
[19:06:52] <lpardue> I've got some local distractions so thanks for assistance with minutes
[19:11:49] <spencerdawkins> Colin: should I stick that into the minutes?
[19:12:31] <csperkins> Which?
[19:13:35] <spencerdawkins> Your point about the short draft on version number. I just did, so please let me know if I got it right.
[19:15:15] <csperkins> Right text, wrong place – I moved it.
[19:25:49] <Brian> suggested changes to -questions after today's discussions are in the working copy at https://panrg.github.io/questions/draft-irtf-panrg-questions.html now
[19:26:37] <Brian> diffs: https://tools.ietf.org/rfcdiff?url1=https://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-irtf-panrg-questions.txt&url2=https://panrg.github.io/questions/draft-irtf-panrg-questions.txt
[19:33:56] <lpardue> byeee
[19:33:57] <csperkins> Thanks, all!
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[19:34:39] <tenghardt> Thanks all, bye!
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