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[22:05:07] vijay.gurbani joins the room
[22:12:52] <vijay.gurbani> IETF 85 Atlanta, GA p2psip WG
[22:13:32] <vijay.gurbani> It is lonely in p2psip jabber land
[22:20:28] <vijay.gurbani> It is really lonely ...
[22:42:44] Erik Lagerway joins the room
[22:43:18] <vijay.gurbani> Oh, hey ... the loneliness ends :-)
[22:43:50] <Erik Lagerway> werd up
[22:44:30] <vijay.gurbani> You remote or in the room? If former I can be more proactive in slide number, etc.
[22:44:40] <Erik Lagerway> remote
[22:44:42] <Erik Lagerway> thx
[22:44:45] <vijay.gurbani> ok
[22:44:59] <vijay.gurbani> Marc @ mic
[22:45:36] <vijay.gurbani> Dean @ mic
[22:47:02] <vijay.gurbani> Thomas Schmidt (presenter) summarizing ...
[22:47:58] <vijay.gurbani> End of preso.
[22:48:12] <vijay.gurbani> p2psip-eku by Mark P-H.
[22:48:16] <vijay.gurbani> Mark P-H @ mic
[22:48:40] <vijay.gurbani> slide 2 motivation
[22:49:48] <vijay.gurbani> next slide
[22:52:03] <vijay.gurbani> Marc continues to slides for the next draft
[22:52:19] <vijay.gurbani> Slide title: Status
[22:54:17] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (Status)
[22:55:22] <vijay.gurbani> Brian (chair) speaking
[22:55:51] <vijay.gurbani> Hum on adopting ...
[22:55:56] <vijay.gurbani> Hum wins for adopting
[22:56:25] <vijay.gurbani> Next talk also by Marc (on VIPR)
[22:58:14] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (Goals)
[23:00:43] <vijay.gurbani> Next slide (traceable anonymous cert)
[23:02:52] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (onion id)
[23:04:35] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (onion routing)
[23:05:46] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (onion routing example)
[23:09:36] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (e2e encryption)
[23:11:51] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (building the telescopic path)
[23:13:13] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (telescoping path example)
[23:15:56] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (onion routing rules for messages)
[23:17:07] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (anony. receiving)
[23:18:16] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (anony. rec. ex.)
[23:18:39] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (both sides anony.)
[23:20:26] <vijay.gurbani> next slide (anon. and e2e encr. ex.)
[23:20:49] <vijay.gurbani> slide conclusion
[23:24:51] <Erik Lagerway> Thanks Vijay!
[23:25:00] <vijay.gurbani> Done.
[23:25:09] <vijay.gurbani> End of meeting.
[23:25:28] vijay.gurbani leaves the room
[23:26:00] Erik Lagerway leaves the room
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