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[03:59:33] <Meetecho> Meetecho sessions coming up in a few minutes
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[04:01:51] <Meetecho> Meetecho session is up and running, sorry if you had to wait
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[04:06:42] <Dhruv Dhody> There is video from meetecho but next time we would hope we can use camera at the remote hub as well for a 2-way communication if possible
[04:08:37] <Meetecho> Dhruv Dhody: this is an option we're providing in 4 our of 8 rooms here in Yokohama (the ones with the virtual queues)
[04:08:44] <Meetecho> the room OSPF is in is not one of them
[04:10:33] <Dhruv Dhody> Yes i am aware of it and the good work that your team is doing, hope to use it in the next IETF
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[04:22:44] <Ketan Talaulikar> Support the removal of the 3-step migration
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[04:23:11] <Abhay Roy> Thanks Ketan.. If you can also send this note to the list please..
[04:24:41] <Ketan Talaulikar> will do Abhay
[04:28:56] <Dhruv Dhody> @meetecho can the camera be moved to the presenter
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[04:32:35] <Meetecho> done, so!rry
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[04:53:12] <Dhruv Dhody> This is Chris Bowres on MIc
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[05:15:10] <Dhruv Dhody> How was it?
[05:15:26] <Dhruv Dhody> Bangalore, all good?
[05:15:32] <Dhruv Dhody> --end of meeting----
[05:15:36] <Avantika S> It was quite good
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[05:16:04] <Balaji Ganesh> Very Good
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