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[22:59:50] <dhruvdhody> IETF 91: Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) WG Agenda
Wednesday, November 12th, 2014. 13:00 - 15:00 Afternoon Session
[22:59:54] <dhruvdhody> A L O H A
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[23:01:38] <dhruvdhody> 2) WG Status Update
[23:02:01] <dhruvdhody> slides:
[23:04:40] <dhruvdhody> <any one remote?>
[23:04:45] <dhruvdhody> Anton on mic
[23:06:53] <dhruvdhody> 3) OSPF Router-Information LSA - RFC 4970Bis - 5 Minutes
- Acee Lindem
[23:07:12] <dhruvdhody>
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[23:10:25] <dhruvdhody> Shraddha on mic
[23:11:27] <dhruvdhody> shraddha: there are functional and informational capability, does it make sense to apply Multi-Topology and capabilities
[23:11:57] <dhruvdhody> further there needs to be a debate if MT needs to be considered for all future work?
[23:12:15] <dhruvdhody> chairs: discuss on the list
[23:12:22] <dhruvdhody> 4)  OSPFv2 Prefix/Link Attributes - 10 Minutes
- Peter Psenak
[23:15:50] <dhruvdhody> Acee: This draft has 3 implementation fully, hope we can move forward with it
[23:16:02] <dhruvdhody> Andrew: Lets move forwards, support!
[23:16:18] <dhruvdhody> 5)  OSPF/OSPFv3 Segment Routing - 10 Minutes
- Peter Psenak
[23:19:53] <dhruvdhody> Acee: lot happier that we have a separate advertisement for range and prefix
[23:20:25] <dhruvdhody> 6)  OSPF Yang Data Model - 15 Minutes
- Derek Yeung
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[23:30:43] <dhruvdhody> Acee: maxage / changedlsa were chatty and left out in v3 and do we want it back in yang model
[23:31:55] <dhruvdhody> Jeff: we can have notification present, and add knobs based on features etc
[23:32:47] <dhruvdhody> regarding instances, they are abstract and not sure what are the bound to type wise
[23:34:43] <dhruvdhody> jeff: how to work with topology model; draft-clem- should be looked into. Terminology should be consistent
[23:35:17] <dhruvdhody> Dean: Regarding auth keys, ospf modelcould be part of security and not part of
[23:35:27] <dhruvdhody> ospf model
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[23:36:37] <dhruvdhody> Wenhue speaking
[23:37:56] <dhruvdhody> discussion about address family between OSPFv2/v3
[23:38:21] <dhruvdhody> acee: there is a dual stack possibility like ISIS (perhaps ospfv3 in future)
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[23:40:57] <dhruvdhody> 7)  I2RS OSPF Yang Data Model Additions - 10 Minutes
- Sue Hares
[23:45:22] <dhruvdhody> Jeff: what are things that don’t fit into config from ospf wg point of view, think about those use-cases and help us
[23:45:36] <dhruvdhody> chair: how many have read i2rs usecase draft
[23:45:40] <dhruvdhody> - a dozen -
[23:48:23] <dhruvdhody> Dean: I2RS tried to expose everything and there were counter-arguments, we do not really know what is safe to expose, we need discussion what can be exposed.
[23:48:55] <dhruvdhody> Rob speaking
[23:50:12] <dhruvdhody> Derek speaking
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[23:52:41] <dhruvdhody> Hannes speaking
[23:53:29] <dhruvdhody> Dean speaking
[23:54:18] <dhruvdhody> Jeff speaking
[23:55:38] <dhruvdhody> Chairs: we want to poll for ospf yang at some point
[23:56:12] <dhruvdhody> -quite more than the use-case draft-
[23:56:39] <dhruvdhody> 8) OSPF Topology Transparent Zone (TTZ) Prototype - 15 Minutes
- Huaimo Chen
[23:57:08] <dhruvdhody> Slides:
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