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[13:22:43] <equinox (relay)> oh wow one jabber guest :)
[13:22:54] <equinox (relay)> if you have any questions, i'll relay them for you
[13:23:05] <Michael Barnes> Thanks
[13:23:32] <equinox (relay)> - intro, agenda -
[13:24:46] <equinox (relay)> (the session is very lowly attended due to parallel idr wg meeting)
[13:25:04] <equinox (relay)> s/lowly/slimly/
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[13:26:56] <equinox (relay)> - authentication trailer draft, rfc 6506 -
[13:27:12] <equinox (relay)> (6506bis)
[13:32:21] <equinox (relay)> anybody read it in here?
[13:32:25] <Michael Barnes> I support having the 6506bis become a working group document
[13:32:27] <Michael Barnes> I have read it
[13:32:49] <equinox (relay)> there doesn't seem to be a call for WG adoption here
[13:33:00] <equinox (relay)> but i've relayed that you've read it, you seem to be the only person to have done so
[13:33:15] <equinox (relay)> (though, as mentioned before - session is very lightly attended)
[13:33:28] <Michael Barnes> I know some other folks have read it, but are not at the meeting
[13:33:48] <equinox (relay)> ok
[13:33:52] <equinox (relay)> - wg status update -
[13:36:52] <equinox (relay)> (org stuff in background...)
[13:38:48] <equinox (relay)> (alia atlas at mic)
[13:41:05] <equinox (relay)> (2 hands for reading the TE extensions draft)
[13:42:50] <equinox (relay)> (igor <?> at mic)
[13:43:05] <equinox (relay)> this is still the wg updates section, discussing drafts that won't be presented in detail
[13:46:04] <equinox (relay)> - end of wg updates section -
[13:46:18] <equinox (relay)> - OSPFv3 auto-configuration updates -
[13:48:49] <equinox (relay)> (fred baker at mic)
[13:51:31] <equinox (relay)> next steps for autoconf draft
[13:52:36] <equinox (relay)> questions?
[13:53:03] <equinox (relay)> alia atlas presenting ospf extensions for mrt-frr
[13:53:44] <equinox (relay)> ...
[14:11:56] <equinox (relay)> questions?
[14:13:21] <Michael Barnes> MT seems to be dead, wouldn't worry about it
[14:14:29] <equinox (relay)> raise it on the mailing list, i guess :)
[14:16:15] <Michael Barnes> yep
[14:16:19] <Michael Barnes> thanks
[14:16:27] <equinox (relay)> acee lindem now presenting OSPFv3 LSA Extendability
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[14:25:43] <Michael Barnes> All should have the U-bit set
[14:26:06] <Michael Barnes> I guess I already said that in e-mail, so you don't have to say at the mic
[14:26:14] <equinox (relay)> oh ok i was about to stand up ;)
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[14:32:45] <equinox (relay)> well, end of session
[14:32:54] <Michael Barnes> Thanks for relaying
[14:32:58] <equinox (relay)> np
[14:33:00] <Michael Barnes> Time for me to get breakfast.
[14:33:03] <Michael Barnes> :-)
[14:33:07] <Michael Barnes> enjoy cookies!
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