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Brian Carpenter has set the subject to: OPSEC at IETF 100
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[21:21:26] <Bob Hinden_web_881> Hello
[21:21:40] <Jen Linkova_web_924> Hello ;)
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[21:26:30] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Hello the sailors
[21:26:52] <Jen Linkova_web_924> lol
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[21:27:47] meetecho-alexamirante has set the subject to: OPSEC at IETF 111
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[21:28:52] <Jen Linkova_web_924> Shall we rename the session to "OpSail" ? ;)
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[21:29:11] <Bob Hinden_web_881> Yes, for sure.
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[21:29:33] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Do you accept sailors using wings rather than sails ?
[21:29:50] <Jen Linkova_web_924> The same mechanism, the same airodynamic
[21:29:53] <Bob Hinden_web_881> Yes
[21:30:04] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Count me in then !
[21:30:07] <Warren Kumari_web_282> Errr.. I was going to say "Well, hello sailor...", but then realized that that wouldn't have come out right...
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[21:31:33] <Florence D_web_509> I can take notes.  It's my first IETF so I'm not sure how good I'll be, but I can try
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[21:32:06] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> I will also have a look
[21:32:07] <Florence D_web_509> No problem, just the note taking tool at the top right?
[21:32:17] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Correct the pen in a square
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[21:32:24] <Warren Kumari_web_282> Yup. Thanks, and I'm sure you will do fine.
[21:32:43] <Warren Kumari_web_282> It uses CodiMD, so others can help out as well...
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[21:33:42] <Florence D_web_509> Thanks, all good.
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[21:43:06] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Curious to see whether DoS & TLS 1.3 (or even OHTTP) will be talked about ;-)
[21:43:27] <> Are we taking questions or comments now?
[21:43:32] <> Eric, you mean DoH?
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[21:43:57] <> So one point I would make about SNI -- and have before -- is that SNI is actually not trustworthy if the server is malicious
[21:44:01] <Jen Linkova_web_924> @ekr - I suggest you join the queue and I can ask Ollie if he wants to take questions now
[21:44:08] <> SG.
[21:44:43] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> @ekr: LoL, indeed I meant DoH ! nearly midnight
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[21:46:39] <> Don't forget ECH
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[22:00:31] <Éric Vyncke_web_695> Thank you all !
[22:00:37] <Ollie Whitehouse_web_167> Thank you everyone for your time
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[22:00:59] <Bob Hinden_web_881> Bye
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