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[16:12:00] * eludom has changed the subject to: opsec wg @ ietf65
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[16:16:07] <eludom> working on getting going
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[16:17:46] <eludom> working on notetakers....
[16:18:23] <eludom> administravia....talk loud...
[16:18:27] --- Steven has joined
[16:18:46] <eludom> mailing list....slides on webpage
[16:18:59] <eludom> ops.ietf.org/lists/opsec
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[16:19:19] <eludom> Agenda
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[16:19:54] <eludom> doc stati
[16:19:58] <eludom> milestones
[16:20:03] <eludom> profiling caps
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[16:21:24] <eludom> document status: ross.
[16:21:37] <eludom> Framework in good shape
[16:21:54] <eludom> best practices
[16:22:08] <eludom> ...in good shape...stable...but a volitale area
[16:22:16] <eludom> could get dated
[16:22:34] <eludom> chris has question: should we publish this or leave it open and publish "later" ?
[16:23:32] <eludom> Daral ?: cisco
[16:23:40] <ted> Darrell
[16:25:07] <eludom> concerns about lack of operator feedback
[16:25:21] <eludom> ross: might consder for last call.
[16:25:41] <ted> SP participation concern is legit
[16:25:45] <eludom> ross asked who read it: about 6
[16:26:10] <eludom> Next doc
[16:26:22] <eludom> Merike's doc.
[16:26:29] <eludom> good survey of current practies.
[16:26:34] <eludom> (ross talking)
[16:26:54] <eludom> Merike would like to update after this IETF.
[16:27:46] <eludom> George: need more granularity
[16:27:54] <eludom> merike: hard to be more granular
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[16:29:52] <eludom> george: suggest we do a pass with two of the caps documents against practices
[16:30:03] <eludom> next doc: filtering, chris morrow
[16:30:11] <eludom> ross: close to last call
[16:30:17] <eludom> ross: two new docs
[16:30:21] <eludom> Misc caps
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[16:31:40] <eludom> ross: wants to wait on last call for misc
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[16:32:37] <eludom> george: reiterates need to correlate a couple of caps docs with pactices doc
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[16:32:55] <eludom> milestones...
[16:32:59] <eludom> we're far behind
[16:33:12] <eludom> because we've tried to twist SP arms
[16:33:20] <eludom> little response
[16:33:38] <eludom> current stratigy: get people who *were* SPs to write
[16:34:02] <eludom> pat cain may do first draft
[16:34:17] <eludom> pat: much easier to create a straw-man and have people comment than autor
[16:35:27] <eludom> AAA: a couple authors ... *very* early draft
[16:35:32] <eludom> not published
[16:35:43] <eludom> doc and assurance....same as AAA
[16:36:02] <eludom> misc-caps: do have draft
[16:36:12] <eludom> Milestones: good news
[16:37:46] <eludom> pushing out dates
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[16:38:38] <dlewis> need operators to do more than comment on some slides. need the NSP-SEC community to be directly involved with the WG
[16:38:48] <dlewis> IMHO
[16:40:08] <dlewis> maybe ask the question: what is the benefit of the capabilities to the operational community. it should be to improve the overall security posture of the net - and to help reduce operator workload
[16:40:11] <ted> Darrell is right
[16:40:26] <eludom> do you want that on the mic ?
[16:40:37] <dlewis> when the slide finishes i'll get up
[16:40:38] <ted> i;m gonna say something when ross is done
[16:41:39] <eludom> dlewis: caps docs have value for 2 ways
[16:41:43] --- david has joined
[16:41:45] <eludom> 2. reduce operator workload
[16:41:48] <paulq> i would even venture as far as to say that perhaps interim WG meetings can be help near more nsp-sec friendly venues -- nanog and such
[16:41:52] <eludom> 1. make IS better
[16:42:00] <eludom> s/IS/internet
[16:42:02] <paulq> held, that is, not help
[16:42:37] <eludom> ted seely: Most work being done by ex-operators
[16:43:05] <eludom> ts: suggest you go to NANOG, etc.
[16:45:26] <eludom> discussion about going back to NANOG, etc.
[16:46:50] <eludom> dlewis: charter is good.
[16:47:09] <eludom> dlewis: Interim meetings in geo locatoins good...nsp-sec
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[16:48:44] <eludom> merike: how do we get the operators to write
[16:49:18] <eludom> david K (via Alax Z): should be adding things when we don't have authors
[16:49:34] <david> yes
[16:49:45] <david> yes, no news
[16:49:50] <eludom> ross: yes. but if we have volunteers to do work, we can consider it.
[16:50:11] <david> some of these groups don't have their own publication system, we have
[16:51:05] <eludom> pat: ross will be sending out updated milestones for comment
[16:51:22] <eludom> pat: talking about profiles
[16:52:24] <eludom> dlewis: q:
[16:54:47] <Esemwy> Is a 'critical infrastructure' entity taken into account w/ these profiles?
[16:55:22] <eludom> scott librand: definition. ISPs provide internet connectivety, enterprises make widgets
[16:56:00] <eludom> if you want something on the microphone prefix with "mic:"
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[16:57:09] <scottleibrand> Esemwy: what kind of infrastructure are you thinking? Internet architecture? physical? general communications?
[16:57:23] <Esemwy> I believe they might have some unique needs/attributes.
[16:57:29] <eludom> about to close, on mic ?
[16:57:30] <ted> baby update david?
[16:57:33] <scottleibrand> ya, but who are "they"?
[16:57:39] <eludom> going once
[16:57:42] <Esemwy> Electrical, etc...
[16:57:50] <eludom> twice
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[16:59:02] <eludom> done
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[17:26:04] <eludom> bert, you're last out
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