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[12:52:39] <eludom> about to start
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[12:56:13] <eludom> pat gives preliminaries
[12:56:26] <eludom> agenda being discussed
[12:56:44] <eludom> agenda:
[12:56:59] <eludom> draft-ietf-opsec-current-practices-00.xt (Merike)
[12:57:10] <eludom> draft-morrow-filter-caps-00.txt Morrow
[12:57:34] <eludom> www.ietf.org/IESG/LIAISON/file92.pdf
[12:57:42] <eludom> (liason from Chris Lonvick)
[12:58:18] <eludom> Charter discussion
[12:58:49] <eludom> plug for authors
[12:59:31] <eludom> see www.port111.com/opsec for WG docs
[13:00:09] <eludom> starting on security practices doc (Merike Kaeo)
[13:00:25] <eludom> going over outline
[13:01:00] <eludom> organized according to operational practices
[13:01:30] <eludom> filtering, DoS Tracking/tracing to be added (thin in first draft)
[13:01:48] <eludom> Providers do different things for filtering/DOS....how to consolidate is the question.
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[13:02:46] <eludom> review of sections ....threats/attacsk, practices,services, considerations.
[13:02:59] <eludom> feedback on threats section solicited.
[13:03:59] <eludom> For next rev...
[13:04:09] <eludom> filtering, DoS mitigation
[13:04:51] <eludom> may add stuff on e.g. TCP vulnerabilities as an appendix
[13:05:23] <eludom> Be specific on core vs. customer side
[13:05:45] <eludom> questions
[13:06:08] <eludom> ross: feel free to talk to Merike offline if you want to remian anonymous or chairs
[13:08:27] <eludom> george (me) asked if layer 2 was in scope
[13:08:33] <eludom> Merike says "yes"
[13:08:55] <eludom> Pat asks who's read document....about 40% of people in room raise hands
[13:08:59] <eludom> Chris Morrow starts
[13:09:16] <eludom> no slides
[13:09:49] <eludom> goal: as customer of vendor we way "we want this" ... vendors look crosseyed and say "you're the only person who wants x"
[13:09:50] <eludom> laughter
[13:10:00] <eludom> sprint, l3, etc hear the same thing.
[13:10:25] <eludom> want to collect tings
[13:10:42] <eludom> 3871 a good start....need to flesh stuff out.
[13:11:34] <eludom> chris lonvic: TMOC has balot out for filtering of unwanted traffic
[13:12:49] <eludom> pat asks .... working group document? No objection.
[13:12:55] <eludom> will send to list as well.
[13:13:12] <eludom> Chris Lonvic starts
[13:14:26] <eludom> document sent to OPSEC area directors for feedbak
[13:14:45] <eludom> ATIS/TMOC has appointed Chris Lonvick as official liaison
[13:14:52] <eludom> asking for feedback
[13:15:52] <eludom> Comments to Chris or Mike Faragono
[13:16:21] <eludom> anonymous is ok...send to Chris
[13:17:04] <eludom> ross asks: discuss comments on opsec mailing list or directly
[13:17:41] <eludom> chris responds: Joe and I are being sent to IETF as liasons to to collect comments
[13:17:58] <eludom> Richard Graveman, RSA: "it needs a lot of work"
[13:18:28] <eludom> notes that references are very out of date
[13:18:31] <eludom> chris agrees
[13:18:41] <eludom> brings up next slide that says just that
[13:19:18] <eludom> points of interest: section 4 summerized document
[13:19:50] <eludom> Security Management Operational Support Systems (SM-OSS)
[13:20:10] <eludom> Covers relationship to other documetns
[13:20:49] <eludom> section 5 - Telecom Service Provider areas
[13:21:22] <eludom> threats -> requirements -> services
[13:22:54] <eludom> section 6 - sec-11 to 63
[13:23:09] <eludom> comments to chris, joe
[13:23:21] <eludom> answer the question: the document should or should not be come an ANSI standard
[13:23:40] <eludom> if yes: give coments to make it better.
[13:23:59] <eludom> questions ?
[13:25:40] <eludom> meeting closes
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