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David Partain has set the subject to: OPS Area Meeting, IETF76, Hiroshima
Room Configuration

[22:11:04] Wes George joins the room
[22:12:10] <Wes George> /subject OPS Area meeting
[22:12:16] <Wes George> /help
[22:12:22] <Wes George> /?
[22:20:25] Christopher LILJENSTOLPE joins the room
[23:41:26] joins the room
[23:42:10] Yuji Sekiya (WIDE) joins the room
[23:43:36] <Wes George> tom nadeau
[23:43:41] <Wes George> no slides
[23:44:17] <Wes George> oh wait, I think it's this
[23:46:07] <Wes George> slide 3
[23:46:21] <Wes George> jurgen
[23:46:34] <Wes George> george swallow
[23:46:51] <Wes George> leaving things up to individual wgs is the worst possible result
[23:47:23] Christopher LILJENSTOLPE leaves the room
[23:47:30] Christopher LILJENSTOLPE joins the room
[23:48:49] <Wes George> jeff haas
[23:51:40] <Wes George> keretti kompella
[23:57:52] <Wes George> ruediger volk
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