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[14:59:39] <Wes George> romanescu - administrivia
[14:59:50] <Wes George> agenda
[15:00:07] <Wes George>
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[15:00:33] <Wes George> note, I do not have a link to the slides
[15:01:01] <Wes George> discussing
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[15:02:05] <Wes George> actually, here iss slides:
[15:02:10] <Wes George> slide 2
[15:03:15] <Wes George> here to get feedback on ABFAB WG work - multihop federations
[15:03:16] <Wes George> slide 3
[15:04:12] <Wes George> subject is used because miht be a person, ight be a computer
[15:04:13] <Wes George> slide 4
[15:04:28] <Wes George> arch is already being worked by ABFAB WG
[15:06:34] <Wes George> dave - asking clarifyingg quest
[15:06:49] <Wes George> when you say transport, are you talking about AAA msgs between client and servier?
[15:06:59] <Wes George> slide 5
[15:08:39] <Wes George> slide 5
[15:08:44] <Wes George> slide 6
[15:09:02] <Wes George> slide 7
[15:09:07] <Wes George> static conf doesn't scale
[15:09:35] <Wes George> config is not the same between those proxies, but has to be consistent
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[15:10:00] <Wes George> big files of metadata
[15:11:15] <Wes George> exact discussion would map to why BGP exists for IP routing
[15:11:23] <Wes George> slide 8 - trust router
[15:11:38] <Wes George> slide 9
[15:11:42] <Wes George> pretty picture
[15:11:55] <Wes George> slide 10
[15:12:50] <Wes George> pairwise trust establishment
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[15:12:56] <Wes George> slide 11
[15:13:00] <Wes George> radsec?
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[15:13:17] <Wes George> uses pki to eliminate hopbyhop/pairwise
[15:13:30] <Wes George> slide 12
[15:13:40] <Wes George> slide 13
[15:13:55] <Wes George> question whether single pki will work for abfab
[15:14:04] <Wes George> groups doing federated pki, runs into issues
[15:14:12] <Wes George> works ok when uniform biz reqs
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[15:15:14] <Wes George> slide 14
[15:15:19] <Wes George> slide 15
[15:15:34] <Wes George> radsec with abfab
[15:15:48] <Wes George> use abfab insteda of pki
[15:15:58] <Wes George> requires both server/client to trust a common eap server
[15:16:03] <Wes George> slide 16
[15:16:13] <Wes George> key negot. proto
[15:17:07] <Wes George> slide 17
[15:17:09] <Wes George> transitive operation
[15:17:31] <Wes George> slide 18
[15:17:37] <Wes George> transitive use of knp
[15:18:36] <Wes George> slide 19 - trust path
[15:18:42] <Wes George> slide 20 - trust router functions
[15:18:54] <Wes George> slide 21
[15:18:56] <Wes George> slide 22
[15:18:58] <Wes George> slide 23
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[15:19:04] <Wes George> abfab multihop federation
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[15:20:27] <Wes George> slide 24 - questions?
[15:20:59] <Wes George> done with slides
[15:21:09] <Wes George> dan romanescu
[15:21:58] <Wes George> set of ethernet MIBs
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[15:22:26] <Wes George> since 2006 this activity has been taken over by IEEE 802.3, subgroup 802.1
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[15:22:45] <Wes George> takes IETF mib mobdule RFCs and translates it into IEEE specs
[15:23:02] <Wes George> makes changes to some conventions describing ethernet interfaces/speeds
[15:23:33] <Wes George> IEEE annd IETF reached agreement that the rights to the work are being moved to 802.3
[15:23:40] <Wes George> authors have been contacted to release the rights
[15:24:08] <Wes George> those technologies will have mibs that will be changed, we'd like to make a decision about the existing RFCs and how to mark
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[15:24:18] <Wes George> we'd like to mark them obsolete by IEEE work, point there
[15:24:33] <Wes George> likely docs will become available in sept
[15:24:47] <Wes George> move docs to standards track to historic?
[15:25:10] <Wes George> idea is to say no, because there are still devices that support these mibs, and if they don't have new interfaces/speeds, they'll be fine
[15:25:19] <Wes George> marking them as obsolete is the right thing to do
[15:25:26] <Wes George> discussion about how to do this
[15:25:49] <Wes George> majority opinion is that it would be good to write info RFC describing the plan, what we are doing why we are doing it
[15:25:57] <Wes George> have a volunteer from this work
[15:26:18] <Wes George> scott bradner: support the idea of a doc sayin why - record history for later people
[15:26:40] <Wes George> concern is that the printed/texxt form of the index, some folks parsse that mechanically, so whatever is done should not break that
[15:26:50] <Wes George> ok to have the pointer in the XML version, worried about putting in the text version
[15:27:00] <Wes George> make sure not to break the tools
[15:27:07] <Wes George> questions/comments?
[15:27:13] <Wes George> probably will be info AD sponsored
[15:27:16] <Wes George> docuemnt
[15:27:30] <Wes George> opsarea list will be informed of LC
[15:27:33] <Wes George> open mic?
[15:27:39] <Wes George> jabber questions?
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[15:29:30] <Wes George> wes - how do we incorporate operator input?
[15:29:45] <Wes George> lee howard - going to nogs (call it interim meetings?) - give summaries of active work
[15:29:48] <Wes George> carry the message out
[15:30:08] <Wes George> couldn't necessarily be IETF contribution (maybe with note well?) but woudl be useful nonetheless
[15:30:15] <Wes George> wes haraker - was at NANOG
[15:30:46] <Wes George> they discussed at NANOG, end result takeaway - yes it's nice that they get an overview of what's coming, but they nee dto focus on operational stuff
[15:31:03] <Wes George> need 10 minute presentations of what's coming out of IETF, but need stuff that's imminent, not "may change"
[15:31:17] <Wes George> bonica: can commit to being at major NOGs
[15:31:37] <Wes George> can commit to reading the NOG lists, putting something out on the list as friendly ops AD
[15:31:51] <Wes George> we discussed initerim meetings at NANOG, difficult because of the Note Well
[15:32:07] <Wes George> we're not at an IETF meeting, question about whether we could put up Note well, and if not, can't do IETF business
[15:32:25] <Wes George> presentations to talk about what's going on
[15:34:23] <Wes George> noted at mic that summaries of IETF done by other bodies are 90k feet and very ineffective
[15:34:40] <Wes George> wes hardker: would be helpful to cover results of experimentation, how it works, etc
[15:34:45] <Wes George> session ends
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