[15:32:01] <francesca> Hi, does anyone know the pwd to the webex meeting that is happening in 30 min?
[15:32:45] <francesca> nevermind found it
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[16:02:52] <petereyee> I'm getting a 404 for the OAUTH 2.1 slides (https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2020-oauth-06/materials/slides-interim-2020-oauth-06-sessa-oauth-21)
[16:03:44] <petereyee> And the Etherpad doesn't seem to be loading for me either.  Good morning!
[16:04:19] <petereyee> Great.  And now the Webex just ended prematurely. :-/
[16:06:20] <francesca> Hi Peter
[16:06:29] <francesca> seems like not many people in jabber...
[16:07:10] <francesca> eitherpad is "loading..." for me... but I don't think it's being used?
[16:08:15] <petereyee> Yeah, looks like Dick Hardt indicates notes will be taken in Google Docs.  Perhaps because the Etherpad isn't working.  I don't know what we're doing for blue sheets.
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[16:28:38] <petereyee> Etherpad just came up for me.
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