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[16:11:05] <Roman Danyliw> STIR JWT draft just through IESG review: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-stir-passport-divert-08
[16:13:26] <jimsch1> Should the dependency (or lack there of) be discussed by the IESG or is there a not about it in the shepherd review?
[16:13:28] <Roman Danyliw> I should have said, is in IESG review (multiple DISCUSS positions)
[16:13:50] <jimsch1> However I do agree with Annabelle about this is really protocol specific
[16:14:31] <jimsch1> I note that it is both Security ADs that hve this
[16:17:01] <Roman Danyliw> Yes, I'm holding a position on verification procedures being described for each new claim.  Ben is holding a position for IANA and about confidentiality properties
[17:00:01] <Roman Danyliw> Dropping off for next meeting at 1300.
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