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[22:52:30] <m&m> looks like there is an etherpad: < >
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[23:00:18] <lef_jp> Please slide URL...
[23:04:04] <> I didn't even find an agenda url :-/
[23:05:39] <lef_jp> Oh... Thank you.
[23:09:29] <sftcd> One of the chairs had a last-minute issue that kept him from the meeting, I assume that's why the agenda-fail, apologies
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[23:45:55] <> People are not using the mic...
[23:46:47] <m&m> that moment was clarifying the name of the draft (draft-bradley-stateless-oauth-client)
[23:46:54] <m&m> trying to make sure people go to the mic otherwise
[23:47:56] <> Thanks.
[23:48:33] <> (I was a little confused about why the draft in question was not
showing up on the "related drafts" section.  I have found it, now.)
[23:50:07] <m&m> it happened to not follow the convention (-:
[23:50:14] <m&m> John Bradley stated he will fix that
[23:55:31] <> How big of client IDs are we talking about, here?
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