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[21:23:18] <Daniel Havey_web_720> 5x5
[21:23:31] <Tobia Castaldi_web_786> Hi david, I can hear you
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[21:24:50] <Tobia Castaldi_web_786> Chuc,k, I hear you
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[21:27:10] <David Noveck_web_919> i can't hear chuck.
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[21:28:28] <Tobia Castaldi_web_786> David. your mic is off
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[21:28:41] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> David, you need to request the microphone too... not only video...
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[21:28:53] <Sorin Faibish_web_380> Hi. I am driving so I will answer in email if asked.
[21:28:54] <Zaheduzzaman Sarker_web_171> David does not have audio as per the participation list indication..
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[21:29:25] <David Noveck_web_919> i have audio but it is muted
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[21:29:56] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> well, you have asked for meetecho video (we see you), but not meetecho audio
[21:30:06] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> (locally you can still mute yourself :) )
[21:30:51] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> Yiepieh!
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[21:31:30] <Tobia Castaldi_web_786> you can import the slide decks into meetecho
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[21:31:46] <Tobia Castaldi_web_786> Settings > manage Slides
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[21:32:38] <David Noveck_web_919> i hope there is no tariff for importing
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[21:33:35] <Zaheduzzaman Sarker_web_171> :thumbsup:
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[21:36:06] <Zaheduzzaman Sarker_web_171> I hear echo so if you are not talking please mute...
[21:36:12] <James Fields_web_882> Brian, you need to either mute or use headphones
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[21:36:48] <Lars Eggert_web_705> fwiw, i don't see slides yet?
[21:36:59] <Lars Eggert_web_705> heh. that would explain it
[21:37:21] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> :thumbsup:
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[21:43:30] <Nick Banks_web_724> Is the loss in performance on internet networks?
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[21:44:04] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> and current HW can not fully offload crypto for QUIC (yet)
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[21:46:46] <Nick Banks_web_724> has our perf data
[21:47:07] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> wouldn't clients using nconnect / dnfs benefit from 0-RTT
[21:48:25] <Lars Eggert_web_705> you can probably use a new quic stream for each record, given you can have 2^62 of them
[21:48:35] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> just my thought
[21:49:23] <Rui Paulo_web_435> @lars the protocol doesn't guarantee that the STREAM frames won't be split.
[21:49:41] <James Fields_web_882> Isn't there any per-stream overhead?
[21:49:54] <Nick Banks_web_724> Some.
[21:50:14] <Nick Banks_web_724> But it's low enough that some protocols use a new stream for each audio/video frame in streaming protocols.
[21:53:22] <David Noveck_web_919> yes
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[21:57:27] <Sorin Faibish_web_640> :thumbsup:for list
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[22:15:47] <David Noveck_web_919> can't hear chuck
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[22:16:35] <David Black_web_925> Dave - Your meetecho mic is off
[22:17:03] <David Noveck_web_919> now its on
[22:18:26] <Zaheduzzaman Sarker_web_171> Dave can you hear anything from the meeting?
[22:18:48] <David Noveck_web_919> not now
[22:18:54] <Steve Dickson_web_808> pNFS-NVMe ???
[22:19:12] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> brian asks if you have any material around the future work items?
[22:19:12] <Brian Pawlowski_web_130> ???
[22:19:22] <Chuck Lever_web_539> sure, but we don't have any organized presentation on pNFS-NVMe
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[22:20:43] <David Noveck_web_919> we need a discussion and, unless I am quite mistaken, meetecho is not a mediun designed for discussions.
[22:20:55] <Meetecho> Not sure why David should have issues with incoming audio only when his mic is on: David, can you try rejoining?
[22:21:08] <Meetecho> David: it is :)
[22:21:18] <Chuck Lever_web_539> i've seen Meetecho work fine for other WGs
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[22:21:54] <James Fields_web_882> Brian, mute or headphones, please!
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[22:23:03] <Brian Pawlowski_web_130> Grrrrr.
[22:23:27] <David Noveck_web_919> maybe we are doing something wrong but if so, what is it?
[22:23:54] <Steve Dickson_web_808> thumbs up!!!
[22:24:19] <David Black_web_925> OK
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[22:24:32] <Chuck Lever_web_539> thanks for your work, chairs!
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[22:24:36] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_507> thanks! bye!
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[22:24:44] <David Noveck_web_919> bye
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