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[21:46:34] <Tobia Castaldi_web_896> ok
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[21:56:00] <Zaheduzzaman Sarker_web_781> hello !!
[21:56:10] <David Noveck_web_550> hello
[21:56:55] <David Noveck_web_550> do people have access to the slides?
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[21:57:45] <Tobia Castaldi_web_896> you can import slides by using the setting button (top right corner of the page)
[21:57:52] <Chuck Lever_web_840> slides are available in the Meeting Materials
[21:58:49] <David Noveck_web_550> can i just start, then
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[21:59:06] <Chuck Lever_web_840> we hear you
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[21:59:52] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_308> hi guys!
[22:00:32] <Chuck Lever_web_840> i don't see your screen yet
[22:01:24] <Chuck Lever_web_840> dave can't hear us
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[22:01:55] <Chuck Lever_web_840> beepy can you call him?
[22:01:58] <Brian Pawlowski_web_190> Chuck - call him.
[22:02:51] <Brian Pawlowski_web_190> I don't have his number.
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[22:06:35] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_308> yeah!
[22:06:58] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_308> brian will be hosting the slides?
[22:07:12] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_308> verbally
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[22:08:41] <Chuck Lever_web_840> raise your hand if you want to speak, i will get dave's attention
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[22:41:27] <Keith Bare_web_622> Yes.
[22:41:31] <bfields> you're pretty soft.
[22:46:12] <Lars Eggert_web_112> publication for draft-ietf-kitten-tls-channel-bindings-for-tls13 was just requested this week. i'm hopeful that ben will get it moving in the next few days or weeks.
[22:58:21] <Keith Bare_web_622> Can the TLS features for session reestablishment help after a reboot?
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[23:00:31] <Richard Scheffenegger_web_308> IIRC, hw mostly offloads the stream (symetric) crypto. All the asymetric crypto is run before (TLS handshake).
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