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[13:27:22] <Brian Pawlowski> Hey Tom!
[13:27:29] <Brian Pawlowski> I'm onine - beepy
[13:27:36] <Brian Pawlowski> omline
[13:27:41] <Brian Pawlowski> online
[13:27:56] <Brian Pawlowski> Need coffee. Thanks for filling that chair:-)
[13:28:26] <Spencer Dawkins> Thanks for mentioning the TSV AD position. Please nominate early and often ;-)
[13:28:37] <Brian Pawlowski> Someone say Hi! to Tom for me!
[13:29:08] <Brian Pawlowski> Finally.
[13:29:14] <Brian Pawlowski> Acknowledgement.
[13:29:18] <Brian Pawlowski> Yes I can.
[13:31:32] <Brian Pawlowski> I'll just type.
[13:31:40] <Brian Pawlowski> Just checking audio...
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[13:32:14] <Brian Pawlowski> I queued, but my mic sucks...
[13:34:52] <Brian Pawlowski> WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!!
[13:35:12] <Olga Kornievskaia> we can hear you
[13:35:14] <Michael Kupfer> I can hear you, but it's doubled
[13:38:15] <Spencer Dawkins> I should ask - did you guys pick a scribe/note-taker? :-)
[13:39:36] <Michael Kupfer> am I the only person who's hearing the audio repeat itself?
[13:40:09] <Olga Kornievskaia> really hard to hear Chuck
[13:40:22] <Michael Kupfer> yeah, can't hear him at all
[13:40:33] <Spencer Dawkins> I'm not hearing repeated audio.
[13:40:38] <meetecho> Michael Kupfer: no doubled audiohere, but it is indeed not that good
[13:40:39] <Spencer Dawkins> Also not hearing chuck.
[13:40:52] <meetecho> Is Chuck the presenter?
[13:40:57] <Michael Kupfer> yes
[13:41:37] <meetecho> We don't hear him either, it may be a turned off mic, checking
[13:42:25] <Olga Kornievskaia> much better now
[13:42:30] <Spencer Dawkins> thanks!
[13:43:32] <Michael Kupfer> I figured out the doubling problem
[13:43:35] <meetecho> (y)
[14:01:50] <Spencer Dawkins> Oh, PLEASE put that quote in the minutes ...
[15:05:03] <Brian Pawlowski> Heard David Black will follow up.
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[15:39:32] <meetecho> Is the session over?
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