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[07:28:54] <beepy> On line here in room.
[07:29:00] <beepy> five minutes to show time.
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[08:07:10] <beepy> Spencer?
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[08:32:43] Brian Pawlowski joins the room
[08:33:43] <Brian Pawlowski> ok. jabber was correctly echoing into meetecho -
[08:34:16] <Brian Pawlowski> And meetecho seems to only work with Chrome browser on MacOS as Spencer discovered.
[08:34:28] <Meetecho> Brian Pawlowski: yes, we integrate the official jabber room in here
[08:34:49] <Meetecho> On MacOS both Firefox and Chrome should work fine
[08:34:56] <Meetecho> Safari won't as it only does H.264
[08:35:09] <Brian Pawlowski> Not my Firefox... :-/
[08:35:33] <Meetecho> Have you tried restarting it? Apparently sometimes, when in between updates, WebRTC features don't always work
[08:35:51] <Brian Pawlowski> I'm kinda chairing the WG meeting right now:-)
[08:36:17] <Meetecho> Oh ok sorry :) Just a FYI in case it happens again in the future, then!
[09:40:49] IBN KHEDHER Hatem joins the room
[09:43:04] <IBN KHEDHER Hatem> Hello
[09:43:38] <IBN KHEDHER Hatem> Is is dedicated to nfv envirenment ?
[09:44:27] <Brian Pawlowski> Don't understand the question?
[09:44:31] <IBN KHEDHER Hatem> NFV: network function virtualisation
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