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Room Configuration

[14:56:46] Chuck Lever joins the room
[15:39:38] <Thomas Haynes> knock knock
[15:40:03] <Chuck Lever> who's there?
[15:41:33] <Thomas Haynes> Hey, I'm adding you as an editor for the protocols draft, just did not want to surprise you
[15:41:46] <Chuck Lever> as long as that is not offensive to the authors
[15:42:04] <Thomas Haynes> I asked James
[15:42:26] <Thomas Haynes> The others are not responding, which is why I want you on it
[15:42:45] <Thomas Haynes> I.e., if there are questions sent, I want replies
[15:42:56] <Thomas Haynes> Pull the git and see if the changes work for you
[15:42:58] <Chuck Lever> ack
[15:43:30] <Thomas Haynes> BTW - this is why you haven't seen new submissions
[15:44:30] <Chuck Lever> looking now
[15:45:41] <Chuck Lever> you probably want "initials='C.' "
[15:46:17] <Chuck Lever> ah, they do it differently than Dave did
[15:47:19] <Chuck Lever> ok, looks good.
[15:47:36] <Chuck Lever> thanks for the heads-up on fielding questions, i can do that
[15:49:01] <Chuck Lever> should you also update the ADMIN protocol draft?
[15:55:34] <Chuck Lever> heading out for an eye exam
[15:55:45] <Thomas Haynes> No, your contributions where mainly on the one
[15:55:49] <Thomas Haynes> Thanks
[16:04:35] Thomas Haynes leaves the room
[22:37:08] Chuck Lever leaves the room
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