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Room Configuration

[13:54:39] Chuck Lever joins the room
[14:54:32] Thomas Haynes joins the room
[14:54:47] <Thomas Haynes> If I apply those patches, are we good to go?
[15:15:31] <Chuck Lever> checking now
[15:16:47] <Thomas Haynes> And the crowd prepares to go wild!
[15:22:56] <Chuck Lever> they all applied correctly
[15:23:02] <Chuck Lever> but out of order
[15:23:11] <Chuck Lever> i guess that doesn't matter
[15:24:44] <Chuck Lever> as andy says "we can pinch it off here"
[15:33:10] <Thomas Haynes> okay, expect to see them soon and tell him. "ewwh"
[15:34:48] <Chuck Lever> do we expect more review comments from the IESG or other IETF reviewers?
[15:45:44] <Thomas Haynes> No clue, never been this far
[22:24:01] Chuck Lever leaves the room
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