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[14:42:35] Chuck Lever joins the room
[15:18:14] Thomas Haynes joins the room
[15:18:38] <Thomas Haynes> Hey, you need to sync up with the FedFS drafts
[15:18:45] <Thomas Haynes> No more evil whitespaces
[15:24:26] <Chuck Lever> can you be more specific? i've got the latest
[15:24:47] <Chuck Lever> the white space problem may be a problem with github
[15:27:10] <Chuck Lever> ok, that was fast
[15:27:22] <Chuck Lever> was expecting a little more discussion
[15:28:55] <Chuck Lever> in general, you probably want to avoid that kind of "touch everything" clean up: it makes git annotate useless.
[15:36:16] <Thomas Haynes> The problem is that it has been killing my ability to integrate. Starting 3 weeks ago, it has been too touchy
[15:37:29] <Chuck Lever> ok, pulled, and merging up
[19:14:59] <Chuck Lever> I'll post more when you've merged the fedfsUuid patch
[19:33:28] <Thomas Haynes> Ahh done
[20:15:20] <Thomas Haynes> And done
[20:29:22] <Thomas Haynes> Ditto
[20:31:23] <Chuck Lever> sending the last one for now
[20:31:38] <Chuck Lever> there is more to do
[20:31:57] <Chuck Lever> one last part of NSDB-5
[20:32:06] <Chuck Lever> and Rob mentioned a problem with how TTLs are computed
[20:32:18] <Thomas Haynes> later, in meeting
[20:32:20] <Chuck Lever> then i think we can review things and try to prototype
[20:32:24] <Chuck Lever> no problem
[20:32:51] <Chuck Lever> will deal with the last pieces next week
[20:48:36] <Thomas Haynes> Ack, sorry, it is a busy meeting for me. :->
[20:48:38] <Thomas Haynes> And thanks
[20:49:28] <Chuck Lever> no problem, man, I'm happy we are making progress on this
[20:49:34] <Chuck Lever> thanks for pushing
[23:41:39] Chuck Lever leaves the room
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