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Room Configuration

[15:03:01] chucklever joins the room
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[19:06:37] beepy joins the room
[19:11:08] spencer joins the room
[19:11:13] <spencer> hello
[19:11:20] <beepy> It's alive!
[19:11:42] <beepy> Make everyone use the microphone!
[19:11:45] <beepy> :-)
[19:11:51] <beepy> Say hi!
[19:11:56] <beepy> Have a cookie for me!
[19:12:08] chucklever joins the room
[19:13:18] <beepy> Hi everyone!
[19:13:55] Thomas Haynes joins the room
[19:17:27] <spencer> tommy can you hear me
[19:17:57] <Thomas Haynes> Yes, because I'm a pinball wizzard
[19:20:43] <chucklever> why would a client want to tell a server not to cache?
[19:21:22] <spencer> because the client knows the file is not shared and will not be re-read
[19:21:34] <beepy> Can he hold mike closer?
[19:21:42] <beepy> I hear you fine.
[19:21:47] <beepy> He's better now.
[19:21:55] <beepy> but clip closer?
[19:21:56] <spencer> he has the lapel mike and is talking into it half the time
[19:21:59] <spencer> :-)
[19:22:08] <beepy> clip to side of mouth?
[19:22:13] <spencer> ouch
[19:24:14] <beepy> Benny sounds good.
[19:26:56] <spencer> benny should be a radio personality
[19:27:19] <Thomas Haynes> All the years in a band
[19:27:39] Jim Rees joins the room
[19:30:02] <Thomas Haynes> And the line forms behind the mic
[19:52:02] <beepy> meeting getting close to over - you have more to cover?
[19:53:35] <spencer> yes, one more topic
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[20:10:13] <Thomas Haynes> Cookies
[20:10:57] Thomas Haynes leaves the room
[20:11:40] <spencer> yes, cookies
[20:11:43] spencer leaves the room
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[20:13:36] <beepy90364> bye
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