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Room Configuration

[05:05:44] dquigley joins the room
[12:43:47] Thomas Haynes joins the room
[12:44:16] <Thomas Haynes> Hey Dave
[13:00:23] Satoru Kanno joins the room
[13:01:44] spencer joins the room
[13:01:49] <spencer> hi, tom
[13:01:52] beepy joins the room
[13:02:15] <beepy> Hello everyone. About to begin...
[13:02:36] <spencer> hi, beepy
[13:02:58] <beepy> Hi Spencer.
[13:03:04] <beepy> Oh! You're sitting next to me.
[13:04:46] <spencer> Quigley! We are starting...
[13:05:00] <Thomas Haynes> hi Spencer
[13:41:46] <beepy> You guys following most of this? We're trying to use the microphones.
[13:42:13] <Thomas Haynes> Is there anyone remote?
[13:42:30] <beepy> Quigley?
[13:57:35] <spencer> tom, do you know your "cake as a lie" blinks in my IM client?
[14:01:33] <Thomas Haynes> No, I didn't. Do you think the cake is the truth?
[14:07:27] beepy leaves the room
[14:19:30] beepy joins the room
[14:26:40] <dquigley> Which part of the agenda are we on right now?
[14:41:55] <beepy> Labelled NFS now.
[14:42:00] <beepy> You're hearing right?
[14:42:40] <beepy> ???
[14:42:40] <dquigley> Im herinmg
[14:42:52] <beepy> You're a herring?
[14:42:52] <dquigley> I wasn't sure which part though :)
[14:42:54] <dquigley> Hearing rather*
[14:43:08] <beepy> Any comments?
[14:43:22] <beepy> Can I say you are copacetic?
[14:44:32] <dquigley> No comments at the moment and I am well yes :)
[14:45:18] <dquigley> I'm ashamed though that I did have to look up its definition.
[14:53:28] beepy leaves the room
[14:57:28] beepy joins the room
[14:58:13] <beepy> Oh man, I *hate* the word - it's one of those words that should ever be used (which is why I used it - because it's a cautionary tale on clarity)
[14:58:56] <beepy> ever -> never
[15:16:02] <Thomas Haynes> Say goodnight Gracie!
[15:16:38] Thomas Haynes leaves the room
[15:20:11] <spencer> thanks
[15:20:14] spencer leaves the room
[15:25:18] Satoru Kanno leaves the room
[15:27:05] beepy leaves the room
[16:31:56] dquigley leaves the room
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