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[20:52:38] <lisa> Any action in NFSv4?
[20:54:49] <raeburn> couple presentations. current one is something on directory delegation. (sorry, i'm maybe 1/2 paying attention...)
[20:57:31] <raeburn> not a big session, about a dozen people.
[20:57:50] <lisa> wow
[21:00:10] <raeburn> probably everyone's off at sip or something...
[21:00:40] <lisa> maybe but not in the jabber room -- I'm watching both jabber rooms :)
[21:01:56] <raeburn> There were network problems earlier. Things are supposed to be improved, but maybe it's still not too good up on 3rd floor.
[21:02:09] <lisa> That's what I figured.
[21:02:38] <raeburn> Who really needs this "internet" thing anyways?
[21:03:10] <lisa> heh.
[21:03:14] <lisa> I sure miss it.
[21:03:21] <lisa> when I was in meetings today, that is.
[21:03:34] <lisa> Felt unable to work without google at my fingertips.
[21:05:07] <raeburn> Yeah, me too. Incapacitated.
[21:36:28] <raeburn> Wrapping up...
[21:38:55] <raeburn> Done. To the bar! (Or whatever.)
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