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[13:48:24] <Natasha Rooney> starting soon!
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[13:56:37] <Jonathan Lennox> I will be Jabber scribe.
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[13:57:15] <Jonathan Lennox> If you want to speak to the room, please use the Meetecho remote queue if you are able; otherwise, please prefix comments for the room with "mic:"
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[13:59:47] <Jonathan Lennox> I hope none of you were using headphones
[14:00:01] <Lucas Pardue> (Y)
[14:00:28] <Natasha Rooney> sorry Lucas!
[14:00:36] <Natasha Rooney> we'll use the mic in the room for now
[14:00:44] <Natasha Rooney> rather than the chair mic
[14:00:50] <Lucas Pardue> no problemo
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[14:02:40] <Randell Jesup> sounds good
[14:03:40] <Nathan Egge> I can see Tim, but do not see any slides
[14:04:16] <Jonathan Lennox> Slides are at . Currently on slide 3.
[14:04:31] <Nathan Egge> They are up now
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[14:08:11] <Randell Jesup> Even more fun over meetecho/webrtc!
[14:09:28] <Natasha Rooney> ;)
[14:10:20] <Meetecho> :D
[14:10:29] <Lucas Pardue> the anticipation is killing me
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[14:23:31] <Nathan Egge> Are the slides hung?
[14:23:51] <Natasha Rooney> shouldn't be - both slides were similar though
[14:23:57] <Wolfgang Beck> works here
[14:24:07] <Natasha Rooney> now on slide 11
[14:24:26] <Nathan Egge> Thanks
[14:24:46] <Tristan Matthews> Nathan: i have been seeing some "scene-change" artefacts on slide changes
[14:26:31] <Luc Trudeau> Could be the high bit depth revert
[14:29:04] <Natasha Rooney> on last slide now
[14:29:10] <Natasha Rooney> (last two slides are similar again)
[14:30:11] <Natasha Rooney> mo referring to slide 12
[14:39:52] <Randell Jesup> Ouch....
[14:41:40] <Jonathan Lennox> Mo has turned off the projector while he searches for the correct version of the slides.
[14:42:12] <Jonathan Lennox> SHould now be up
[14:43:08] <Randell Jesup> Before: a mess
[14:45:25] <Randell Jesup> After: a lot cleaner
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