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[17:18:18] <behcet.sarikaya> flow mobility draft adopt as WG draft baseline 18 hands
[17:20:04] <behcet.sarikaya>
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[17:28:45] <jounkorh> what presentation is ongoing?
[17:29:04] <jounkorh> (cannot listen to audio..)
[17:31:17] <behcet.sarikaya>
[17:34:45] <jounkorh> if there is a poll about WG adoption.. I support. This solution is needed
[17:45:05] <behcet.sarikaya> chair is asking questions on this draft
[17:48:27] <behcet.sarikaya> there were some for some against
[17:50:56] <behcet.sarikaya> now
[17:50:58] <behcet.sarikaya>
[18:12:02] <behcet.sarikaya> chair asking if the problem needs to be solved
[18:12:54] <behcet.sarikaya> chair: call for adoption on the list
[18:13:10] <behcet.sarikaya> now
[18:13:12] <behcet.sarikaya>
[18:18:33] <behcet.sarikaya> chair giving his comments
[18:22:26] <behcet.sarikaya> is the problem relevant?
[18:23:33] <behcet.sarikaya> chair: continue to discuss on the mailing list
[18:24:00] <behcet.sarikaya> adjurned
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