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[08:11:35] <mjo> http://www.ietf.org/ietf/05mar/netconf.txt for today's agenda
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[08:53:32] <sleinen> Eliot volunteers for jabber scribe
[08:53:53] <pigdog> and sharon does not
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[08:54:11] <pigdog> andy does a destination check with a summary slide
[08:54:22] <sleinen> Slides wil appear on http://www.ops.ietf.org/netconf/62/ as I receive them
[08:54:27] --- mike has joined
[08:54:38] <pigdog> we're in the final stretch.
[08:55:07] <pigdog> a few nit picks about the core, small comments about the ssh draft
[08:55:19] <pigdog> discussion of working group docs
[08:55:56] <pigdog> a few comments from steve berl, simon, and juergen
[08:56:07] <pigdog> as well as wes
[08:56:13] <pigdog> thanks wes.
[08:56:32] --- dbh has joined
[08:56:34] <pigdog> close of last call is the 18th
[08:56:51] <pigdog> that's for all docs
[08:56:54] <dbh> which room is netconf being held in?
[08:57:03] <pigdog> dbh: salon g
[08:57:07] <dbh> thanks
[08:57:14] <pigdog> dbh: "channel 5"
[08:58:25] <sleinen> Eliot: Juergen provided detailed comments. There will be an update of the BEEP draft based on these.
[08:58:49] <bert> Have we (as wg) asked xml-directorate to take a look at the docs?
[08:59:02] <sleinen> Andy suggests that each WG draft author gives a short summary of the draft status and changes
[08:59:53] <sleinen> Eliot: Juergen asked for examples in the BEEP draft - will add them
[09:00:25] <sleinen> Eliot: Juergen pointed out other problems (Hello, SASL, terminology - "application protocol")
[09:01:31] <sleinen> Wes: have been thinking about this. Is the XSD in the document intended to be useful as a basis for (most) syntax checking in implementations?
[09:03:07] <pigdog> rob: we address all accepted issues in wg last call
[09:03:14] <pigdog> rob: (in -05 draft)
[09:03:35] <pigdog> rob: not all changes stated in -05
[09:03:49] <pigdog> rob: how filtering works hasn't changed
[09:03:55] <pigdog> rob: please send text
[09:04:13] <pigdog> andy: the text is terse
[09:04:27] <pigdog> john ng: a few questions about 2.2
[09:04:47] <pigdog> john ng: requirement for security. can netconf be run over non-secure transport?
[09:05:19] <pigdog> andy: i don't know that we can standardize not having it.
[09:05:43] <pigdog> andy: the security people may have something to say about this
[09:05:50] <bert> It is MUST IMPLEMENT for security. Deployment is a customer decision!
[09:06:31] <pigdog> john eng: how should the remote end sense for loss of peer?
[09:06:45] <pigdog> andy: if it's not clear in the draft then we need to make it clearer
[09:08:19] <pigdog> eliot: if you're holding a lock you're not idle
[09:08:29] <pigdog> eliot: [bert's comments]
[09:09:03] <pigdog> eliot: if you cannot deliver encryption for various reasons, can you not deliver netconf?
[09:09:48] <pigdog> andy: examples need to be right
[09:09:50] <dbh> did somebody disconnect the mic?
[09:10:02] <pigdog> rob ens: i ran mine through relaxng
[09:10:11] <bert> I lost audio also for a minute or so. It is now back, but with noise
[09:10:34] <dbh> same here.
[09:10:47] <pigdog> andy: not hearing a lot about netconf/soap
[09:10:54] <pigdog> andy: anyone implementing that?
[09:11:04] --- trond has joined
[09:11:13] <pigdog> andy: comments?
[09:11:32] <pigdog> open mike/modeling?
[09:12:12] <sleinen> Andy: about "NETCONF 2.0" (asynchronous mode/notifications etc.) - would rather not start that right away
[09:13:02] <sleinen> Eliot: Would typically expect two groups for functions like notification, because they are likely to make use of the underlying transports in different ways
[09:13:20] <sleinen> ["two groups" -> "two drafts" - sorry]
[09:14:07] <pigdog> andy: asynchronous messages are difficult for SOAP. do you only support notifications over BEEP?
[09:14:30] <pigdog> juergen: we are suffering most from the lack of notifications
[09:14:42] <pigdog> juergen: we can do this in or out of netconf
[09:14:53] <sleinen> (That's Juergen Quittek - Juergen Schoenwaelder isn't at the meeting)
[09:15:18] <pigdog> sharon chisolm: we need multiple drafts on this subject
[09:19:32] <pigdog> eliot: what are the constraints for extensions? can we make changes to the application mappings?
[09:19:43] <dbh> we couldn't end notifications on the same channel as regular traffic.
[09:20:34] <dbh> either the notification woul dned to wait for the regukar traffic to stop before it could be sent, or it would need to be mixed in.
[09:20:37] <pigdog> eliot: it's possible to implement using a single channel via multiple TCP connections
[09:21:00] <dbh> Andy: I don't see why we couldn't continue to use SNMP traps
[09:21:06] <pigdog> andy: this stuff comes from different code paths so why do we even need to do it with netconf at all? why not just use SNMP
[09:21:39] <pigdog> sharon: wasn't limited to just configuration, but there are applications that require asynchronous messages.
[09:21:59] <pigdog> andy: what are the asynchrnous messages? they should have syntax and semantics
[09:22:12] <pigdog> sharon: right now we're talking to air
[09:22:19] <bert> I need to step away for a bit. will be back later
[09:22:19] <pigdog> sharon: we need some drafts
[09:23:08] --- pigdog has left: Replaced by new connection
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[09:23:44] <sleinen> Discussion between Sharon and Andy about scope of NETCONF - should it be extended to be used to export performance data for instance, or should we leave that to other efforts such as IPFIX?
[09:24:20] <pigdog> andy: i don't have an issue with adding more stuff, as long as get 1.0 out
[09:24:34] <dbh> dan: recalling discussions from a few years ago about whether just doing configuration or generic management
[09:25:31] <pigdog> netmod presentation is next. adjourn?
[09:25:38] <pigdog> questions from the jabber audience?
[09:26:14] <pigdog> we are now moving to netmod
[09:26:55] <sleinen> Stepping outside NETCONF chartered territory...
[09:27:16] <sleinen> "Netmod" (Netconf data modeling) - see http://www.ops.ietf.org/netconf/62/sharon/
[09:27:31] * dbh has changed the subject to: netMOD
[09:27:46] <sleinen> Web site: http://standards.nortelnetworks.com/netconf/
[09:27:50] <trond> http://standards.nortelnetworks.com/netconf
[09:29:03] <pigdog> scope; select a single existing data definition language for netconf content
[09:29:11] --- mike has left
[09:29:11] <pigdog> identify requirements and best practice for defining
[09:29:23] <pigdog> • access control
[09:29:32] <pigdog> • compliance\
[09:29:36] <pigdog> • versioning
[09:29:40] <pigdog> (and a bunch of other stuff)
[09:29:57] <pigdog> (nice timeline)
[09:30:04] <pigdog> "you are here"
[09:30:40] <pigdog> netmod editing session today at 1:00pm meeting at the bulletin board
[09:30:43] <pigdog> because
[09:30:55] <pigdog> not enough work for two working groups
[09:31:09] <pigdog> some problems such as security and Notifications will span both protocol and data model specification.
[09:31:28] <pigdog> instead let's expand netconf charter to work on netmod stuff
[09:36:09] <sleinen> Andy: doesn't want to meet in Paris to discuss the present four drafsts.
[09:36:59] <sleinen> But we could discuss netmod-related (individual) I-Ds in Paris for addition to the WG
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[09:38:44] <sleinen> Seems like we're done
[09:38:46] <pigdog> and we're ready to adjourn
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[09:39:09] <pigdog> andy: please pay attention to the last call and provide feedback
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[09:39:29] <pigdog> adjourned.
[09:39:33] --- pigdog has left
[09:40:39] <Margaret> Is the meeting over?
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