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Room Configuration

[01:03:12] sftcd joins the room
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[01:40:24] Dave.Mitton joins the room
[01:48:51] <Dave.Mitton> RSA has a definition of a tunneling method in EAP-POTP
[02:03:42] <Dave.Mitton> Just asking - is anyone on this jabber in the room?
[02:03:53] <sftcd> yep I'm here
[02:03:55] <yoav.nir> I am
[02:04:01] <Dave.Mitton> okay
[02:04:58] <sftcd> you remote Dave?
[02:05:14] <Dave.Mitton> Yes, I am in the US, Boston area
[02:05:37] <sftcd> ah, so usual thing: "mic:" if you want stuff said out loud
[02:11:23] <Dave.Mitton> In favor
[02:14:58] Satoru Kanno joins the room
[02:18:21] <Dave.Mitton> Are we done?
[02:18:29] <yoav.nir> Yup
[02:18:42] <Dave.Mitton> Okay, I was distracted - good day
[02:18:52] yoav.nir leaves the room
[02:18:57] Dave.Mitton leaves the room
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