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[19:00:37] <Randell Jesup> video feed appears good today too :-)
[19:01:10] <Jonathan Lennox> Hi Randall!  I will be Jabber relay.  Usual protocol.
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[19:13:58] <Jonathan Lennox> Hey Colin, I am Jabber relay.
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[19:14:26] <csp> Hi Jonathan – thanks! Audio is working well.
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[19:26:20] <csp> Why not update RFC 4571 to do this? It’s not a complex draft.
[19:31:44] <csp> +1 to Jonathan Lennox. Symmetric RTP is good, but not a requirement for bundle.
[19:33:24] <Jonathan Lennox> csp: any of this for the mic?
[19:33:31] <csp> Sure, if you want.
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[19:50:47] <Emil Ivov> mic: there are SFUs that don't want to overwrite SSRCs regardless of the security implications. (We don't) This is important to us because we don't want to have to lookup ssrc-s in all future extensions and RTCP packets
[19:51:32] <Emil Ivov> mic: so -1 to making that restriction for bundle
[19:52:45] <csp> mic: The problem with allowing this is that it allows SSRCs to switch between media with different clock rates, which is the problem RFC 7160 is highlighting.
[19:55:32] <csp> Jonathan: agree, but we’d need to write the rules carefully to ensure only compatible changes are allowed.
[19:58:51] <Jonathan Lennox> Colin: would you be able to help me with some text? I'm worried about how to prevent old RTP/RTCP packets causing mid flapping.
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[19:59:36] <Jonathan Lennox> Especially since we're not requiring that mid be sent on every packet.
[19:59:38] <csp> This is one of the reasons why I suggest we forbid SSRCs switching m= lines, but yes, I’ll help with text.
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[20:41:33] <Jonathan Lennox> Colin: are you able to review the SDP attributes?
[20:41:50] <csp> I can review, but someone more familiar with current usage might do a better job.
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[20:43:00] <csp> Okay, I’ll take a look. This is to review the ABNF in 4566bis-12, right?
[20:43:17] <Jonathan Lennox> Yes
[20:43:22] <csp> ok
[20:46:20] <csp> Some of these are in RFC2848, I think
[20:53:55] <csp> a=charset is defined in 4566. I think it has to be kept, but I see no reason for any new attribute to be charset dependent.
[20:54:29] <Jonathan Lennox> Colin, can you review this draft as well?
[20:54:33] <csp> yes
[20:54:40] <Jonathan Lennox> And did you want the prev comment for the mic?
[20:54:46] <csp> sure
[20:54:51] <Jonathan Lennox> Actually, we've passed...
[20:54:55] <Jonathan Lennox> Unless you think it's crucial
[20:54:56] <csp> not to worry
[20:54:59] <Jonathan Lennox> ok
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