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[13:04:23] <Hadriel Kaplan> WG status slide
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[13:06:41] <Hadriel Kaplan>
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[13:10:21] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 7
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[13:11:48] <gonzalo> As you know, we are running MMUSIC and P2PSIP in parallel. Make sure the jabber scribe does a good job today to enable remote participation.
[13:12:51] <Hadriel Kaplan> Slide 8
[13:13:22] <Hadriel Kaplan> Gonzalo: should I paraphrase what people are saying?
[13:13:26] <Roy> it is 9 now actually
[13:13:42] <Hadriel Kaplan> the slide number is too small on the screen :)
[13:14:10] <Roy> :)
[13:14:18] <Hadriel Kaplan> Mary Barnes has arrived
[13:19:30] <Hadriel Kaplan> new slides
[13:19:49] <Hadriel Kaplan>
[13:19:58] <gonzalo> Hadriel: no, no need to paraphrase
[13:20:10] <Hadriel Kaplan> ok
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[13:20:23] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 2
[13:20:54] <kpfleming> slide 3 now
[13:21:07] <kpfleming> slide 4
[13:21:25] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 4
[13:21:32] <Hadriel Kaplan> uhhh, yeah what he said
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[13:22:35] <Roy> the document is toatly not IETF document since it is submitted as independent ducoment
[13:22:53] <Roy> Robert said.
[13:24:25] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 5
[13:24:35] <Hadriel Kaplan> hah, beat you to it :)
[13:24:39] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 6
[13:24:50] <kpfleming> Hadriel Kaplan: you've already won :-)
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[13:26:07] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 7
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[13:35:44] <Jonathan Lennox> Maybe we should just change the RFC's date line from "April 2011" to "April 1 2011"
[13:36:20] <Hadriel Kaplan> heh
[13:38:49] <Roy> The OIPF sepcification I talked about is
[13:38:56] <Roy> may be of interests by you.
[13:41:16] <Hadriel Kaplan> Call for hums: is there interest in MMUSIC to work on SDP for VPNs (RFC 6193) topic?
[13:42:19] <Hadriel Kaplan> result: no consensus to do so
[13:43:03] <Hadriel Kaplan> new slide pres:
[13:43:56] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 3
[13:44:59] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 4
[13:45:04] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 5
[13:46:00] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 6
[13:46:53] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 7
[13:48:26] <Hadriel Kaplan> lide 8
[13:48:32] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 9
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[13:50:21] <Linyi Tian> can we move faster and give enough time for other presenters?
[13:50:57] <Hadriel Kaplan> he's almost done
[13:51:15] <kpfleming> we spent a lot of time on that RFC 6193 thing
[13:51:18] <Hadriel Kaplan> ya
[13:51:23] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 10
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[13:53:38] <Linyi Tian> who is on the mic?
[13:53:45] <Linyi Tian> please echo the name here. thanks
[13:53:58] <kepeng_li\> Hadriel
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[13:54:12] <Linyi Tian> jonathon
[13:54:16] <Hadriel Kaplan> sorry was me
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[13:55:12] <Linyi Tian> Hadriel Kaplan: I agree with you. SDP has already been complex
[13:55:41] <Hadriel Kaplan> do you want me to say that at mic?
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[13:55:51] <Linyi Tian> no.
[13:55:54] <Hadriel Kaplan> k
[13:56:28] <Hadriel Kaplan> by the way, if anyone wants something spoken at the mic, please prefix your comment with "mic:"
[13:58:23] <Hadriel Kaplan> Charles Eckel at mic
[13:58:53] <Hadriel Kaplan> Christian Groves
[13:58:56] <Hadriel Kaplan> at mic
[13:59:57] <Hadriel Kaplan> Keith Drage at mic
[14:01:38] <Jonathan Lennox> Hadriel at mic, which is why he didn't announce i
[14:01:41] <Jonathan Lennox> it
[14:02:48] <Hadriel Kaplan> Paul Kyzivat at mic
[14:04:06] <kpfleming> also Jonathan Lennox
[14:04:21] <Hadriel Kaplan> can he be heard?
[14:04:54] <Jonathan Lennox> I didn't actually end up saying anything, the line was closed
[14:04:56] <Linyi Tian> did we agreed to work on this?
[14:05:03] <Hadriel Kaplan> no
[14:05:04] <Jonathan Lennox> It's still an individual submission
[14:05:06] <kpfleming> not yet
[14:05:24] <Jonathan Lennox> It's still a jumbo -avtcore- draft, not even an individual -mmusic- draft
[14:05:27] <Hadriel Kaplan> they're gonna split it into an MMUSIC individual draft first, then we decide later
[14:05:41] <Hadriel Kaplan> JAmes Polk presentation now
[14:06:02] <Linyi Tian> i just want to make sure slipt it into mmusic != we agreed to work on it.
[14:06:07] <Linyi Tian> the chair's statement is not clear to me.
[14:06:08] <Hadriel Kaplan> SDP traffic class slides:
[14:06:09] <Hadriel Kaplan>
[14:06:26] <Hadriel Kaplan> right we did NOT agree to work on it
[14:06:57] <Jonathan Lennox> It was "please send an individual submission to mmusic"
[14:07:43] <Linyi Tian> it is better to say "it's up to the author to submit it as individual draft to MMusic which is still subject to group decision whether we will work on it. "
[14:08:04] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 3
[14:08:58] <Linyi Tian> because we agreed to have it submitted to MMUsic is a little bit misleading (some people may think we agreed to work it).
[14:09:08] <Jonathan Lennox> Linyi: yes, of course. But the chair's judgement was "there's enough interest in this that it probably wouldn't be a waste of your time to bring this to mmusic for our decision" — unlike the VPN work, where the chair's conclusion was that it would be a waste of their time to bring it to the group.
[14:09:22] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 4
[14:09:26] <Jonathan Lennox> This isn't binding in any of these cases.
[14:09:27] <Linyi Tian> ok. thanks
[14:11:22] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 5
[14:14:43] <Hadriel Kaplan> Jonathan Lennox at the mic
[14:16:34] <Hadriel Kaplan> I don't know the guy at the mic
[14:18:04] <Hadriel Kaplan> Stephen Botzko
[14:18:37] <Hadriel Kaplan> at imc
[14:18:38] <Hadriel Kaplan> mic
[14:24:30] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 6
[14:25:50] <Hadriel Kaplan> call for hum on whether mmusic should be working on traffic class
[14:27:12] <Hadriel Kaplan> Mr. Elwell presenter
[14:27:41] <Hadriel Kaplan> on ICE offer problems
[14:27:46] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 3
[14:30:50] <Hadriel Kaplan> btw, the slides are here:
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[14:42:34] <Jonathan Lennox> Just to clarify, I wasn't advocating not using ICE in the "real" (public) Internet, where absolutely it's necessary. I was trying to figure out a way we can reduce the barrier to implementation in private (managed) networks which don't really have the messiness of the public Internet, so we can get something that's more likely to interoperate if those devices on private networks go public, rather than them implementing something orthogonal.
[14:44:39] <Hadriel Kaplan> Bert Greevenbosch presenting
[14:45:26] <Hadriel Kaplan> slides here:
[14:45:40] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 3
[14:46:44] <Hadriel Kaplan> JL: did you see the email I sent to mmusic this week? I asked if people prefer the independent submission of altc to use CCAP attribute
[14:47:01] <Hadriel Kaplan> we ca change the independent submission to use the ccap attribute instead
[14:47:05] <Hadriel Kaplan> can change
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[14:48:40] <Linyi Tian> but they work in different technical area.
[14:48:50] <Linyi Tian> but in general coornidation is good.
[14:49:09] <Jonathan Lennox> Hadriel: I'd be in favor of it, if only because people might see how ugly CapNeg is and decide that ICE is easier. :-)
[14:49:55] <Linyi Tian> but it would be better to formally communicate with them after this is accepted as WG item.
[14:49:59] <Jonathan Lennox> (Seriously, I'd have to think about it…this is certainly a "what's the least harm" scneario.)
[14:50:06] <Linyi Tian> otherwise this communication may not make sense.
[14:50:38] <Jonathan Lennox> Linyi: formal communication would need to follow formal WG action, but the proposal is that there should be informal communication beforehand.
[14:51:40] <Linyi Tian> agree
[14:52:09] <Linyi Tian> let's see how we can make MPEG aware of this in the near future.
[15:02:59] <Linyi Tian> who is on the mic?
[15:03:46] <Jonathan Lennox> Was Stephan Wenger before Fleming
[15:04:10] <Hadriel Kaplan> and that was Flemming Andraeson
[15:06:45] <Hadriel Kaplan> new presentation:
[15:07:10] <Hadriel Kaplan> presenter: Marc Petit-Huguenin
[15:09:32] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 4
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[15:23:56] <Hadriel Kaplan> new presentation:
[15:24:30] <Hadriel Kaplan> Presenter: Salvatore Loreto
[15:24:52] <Hadriel Kaplan> slide 3
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[15:31:46] <Hadriel Kaplan> the meeting has ended
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[15:31:52] <Hadriel Kaplan> thanks for playing!
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