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[02:53:08] <stephen.banghart> I am the Jabber scribe for this meeting :-)
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[02:53:16] <Eric Burger> thanks
[02:53:32] <Takeshi Takahashi> Thank you
[02:53:41] <stephen.banghart> I am presenting the first draft, someone will need to take over for me at that time.
[02:53:51] <Adam Montville> I'll do it.
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[03:00:45] <Adam Montville> I'll scribe while Stephen is up.
[03:01:08] <Adam Montville> If you'd like me to repeat something you type here, please preface it with "mic:"
[03:01:13] <Takeshi Takahashi> ah, ok
[03:01:15] <Eric Burger> He is soft for us in Meetecho-land, too
[03:01:22] <Takeshi Takahashi> Mio is trying to ask you to initiate WGLC
[03:01:27] <Meetecho> we'll try to at least increase the volume in the room there
[03:01:28] <Eric Burger> I think the problem is on his side
[03:01:30] <Takeshi Takahashi> before the next meeting.
[03:01:49] <Eric Burger> Still very low volume
[03:03:19] <Takeshi Takahashi> Thank you very much.
[03:04:18] <Adam Montville>
[03:04:27] <Adam Montville> Slide 2
[03:04:44] <Adam Montville> No numbers so, the title is: -04 changes
[03:08:46] <Adam Montville> Slide 3: -05 changes
[03:09:29] <Adam Montville> Slide 4: Remaining Work
[03:10:58] <Adam Montville> Slide 5: ROLIE "property" Extension Point (#51)
[03:13:01] <Adam Montville> Slide 6: a pair of options
[03:17:59] <Takeshi Takahashi> I wonder whether we can use the combined approach. I like the way how IODEF version 1 allows to use IANA and private extensions.
[03:18:32] <Adam Montville> Hello Take, at the mic?
[03:18:37] <Takeshi Takahashi> ah, please.
[03:19:06] <Adam Montville> in line
[03:21:15] <Takeshi Takahashi> I agree with Roman, that is what I wanted to say.
[03:21:38] <Adam Montville> :-)
[03:21:40] <Takeshi Takahashi> Thank you, Adam.
[03:21:44] <Adam Montville> You are welcome.
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[03:22:58] <Takeshi Takahashi> hum for option 3
[03:23:09] <Adam Montville> Option 3 took it.
[03:23:14] <Takeshi Takahashi> thank you.
[03:23:34] <Adam Montville> Slide 7: Data Model Enumeration/Registration (#30)
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[03:36:06] <Adam Montville> Slide 8: Switching Intended Status to Standards Track (#52)
[03:37:57] <Takeshi Takahashi> hum for "agree to change to standards track"
[03:38:15] <Adam Montville> Slide 9: Discoverable Service Document Location (#53)
[03:38:20] <Chris Inacio> standards track takes it
[03:38:25] <Takeshi Takahashi> thank you.
[03:38:28] <Adam Montville> Slide 10: Discoverable Categories Document Location (#54)
[03:38:31] <Adam Montville> Thanks Christ
[03:38:33] <Adam Montville> Chris
[03:38:35] <Adam Montville> :-)
[03:38:40] <Chris Inacio> cool, had an upgradeā€¦
[03:38:56] <Adam Montville> Sorry, he's back to Slide 9.
[03:39:03] <Chris Inacio> I propose Ryver instead of Slack  (  :)
[03:39:23] <Chris Inacio> (crossing WG streamsā€¦)
[03:39:47] <Adam Montville> Don't cross the streams!
[03:42:35] <Adam Montville> Slide 10
[03:42:56] <Adam Montville> Slide 11: Example of Category Document
[03:43:06] <Adam Montville> Slide 12: Way Forward
[03:44:25] <Adam Montville> Slide 13: ROLIE CSIRT Extension Draft
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[03:45:36] <Adam Montville> Slide 14: IODEF Purpose and Restriction
[03:46:17] <Adam Montville> Slide 15: IODEF ID and Date exposure
[03:46:50] <Adam Montville> Slide 16: Way Forward
[03:49:48] <stephen.banghart> XMPP-Grid Status slides
[03:49:56] <stephen.banghart> Slide 2: Updates now
[03:51:55] <stephen.banghart> Slide 3: Next steps
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[03:55:04] <stephen.banghart> Slide: Summary of discussion
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[03:56:51] <stephen.banghart> (This is the JSON Binding presentation) Slide 4: How different is the draft compared to IODEF v2?
[03:58:55] <stephen.banghart> Slide 5: some element names were changed
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[03:59:43] <stephen.banghart> Slide 6: Some classes that exist only...
[04:00:18] <stephen.banghart> Slide 7: Some simplified expression is permitted
[04:00:37] <stephen.banghart> Slide 8: Profile is prepared
[04:01:52] <stephen.banghart> Slide 9: FYI: an example alert...
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[04:02:27] <stephen.banghart> Slide 10
[04:02:29] <stephen.banghart> Slide 11 now
[04:03:09] <stephen.banghart> Slide 12: A question to the WG
[04:05:55] <stephen.banghart> Slide 13: next steps
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[04:06:30] <Takeshi Takahashi> Thank you very much for the supports.
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