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[15:04:12] <Jon> no impls, but 3 or 4 for interest
[15:04:46] <eburger> Sean points out that if no one cares and no one updates the draft, it just goes away after six months.
[15:06:33] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 2: Changes made after the Orlando meeting i
[15:07:55] <Lorenzo Miniero> sorry for being late, but I was in a BOF that ended like 34 seconds ago...
[15:07:59] <Lorenzo Miniero> Presentation stopped
[15:08:21] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 2: h"p://
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[15:08:53] <Jon> meetecho is running now
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[15:09:17] <Lorenzo Miniero> yes, it is now
[15:09:27] <Lorenzo Miniero> that what I was apologizing for :)
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[15:10:00] <Lorenzo Miniero>
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[15:11:22] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 3: Checking    
[15:12:05] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 4: Cyber    
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[15:12:46] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 5: Cyber    
[15:13:01] <stpeter> who in the room here is a remote attendee?
[15:14:45] <Charles Schmidt> I am.
[15:15:12] <Jon> two hands raised in the room
[15:15:28] <Charles Schmidt> That was in response to stpeter. Not with regard to the topic under discussion.
[15:16:07] <Jon> so charles was replying "i am" to the question of remote attendees
[15:16:11] <stpeter> Charles Schmidt: ok, if you'd like comments relayed to the physical room, preface your comment with "MIC"
[15:16:12] <Charles Schmidt> Yes
[15:16:19] <Charles Schmidt> Thanks
[15:16:25] <Mark> I am a remote attendee
[15:18:55] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 6: @Indicator-­‐UID    
[15:19:10] <Jon> no hands were raised on that last question
[15:19:11] <stpeter> Mark: the same goes for you (about preface with "MIC")
[15:19:19] <stpeter> Jon: correct! :-)
[15:19:28] <Mark> Thank you
[15:19:52] <Jon> just passing along the silent polls for remote attendees
[15:20:19] <Jon> hand raising is hard to hear
[15:20:29] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 7: Cyber    
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[15:22:22] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 8: Cyber    
[15:25:15] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 9: Cyber    
[15:27:19] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 10: Cyber    
[15:33:20] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 3: Checking    
[15:34:09] <Lorenzo Miniero> Presentation stopped
[15:34:23] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 1: IODEF Enumeration Reference Format Adam
[15:34:45] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 2: <Reference> <ReferenceName> <EnumRef> <A
[15:35:23] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 3: Full Name: Concept X Identifier Abbrevia
[15:38:33] stpeter notes that the chair needs to download
[15:39:45] <Lorenzo Miniero> Presentation stopped
[15:40:06] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 1: IODEF    
[15:40:17] <Jon> silence in the room
[15:40:28] <Jon> i think that means they will be combined?
[15:40:32] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 2: Goals    
[15:40:44] <stpeter> Panos: your jabber relays are ready to help ;-)
[15:41:27] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 3: Dra-    
[15:41:52] <Lorenzo Miniero> Slide 4: Status    
[15:43:54] <Panos Kampanakis> no comments, thank you kathleen
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[15:46:53] <Jon> five hands interested in xmpp
[15:47:09] <stpeter> Dave Waltermire at the mic
[15:48:22] <Lorenzo Miniero> displaying a post from the ML on screen:
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[15:57:43] <Lorenzo Miniero> "NOTE: Because of tranist delays, clock drift, and so on, the sender MUST be prepared for the recipient to have carried out the action, even if it completes past EndTime."
To the broader audience, what do you think?
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[16:00:44] <Lorenzo Miniero> Discussing "Service Class" now
[16:02:06] <Lorenzo Miniero> "RecordData"
[16:04:53] <Panos Kampanakis> Lorenzo, slides are not showing, should they be?
[16:05:04] <Lorenzo Miniero> there's no slide deck on right now
[16:05:05] <Jon> nope
[16:05:12] <Lorenzo Miniero> they're discussing a post from the ML
[16:05:13] <Jon> we are looking at a recent mail mesage
[16:05:23] <C Henry Adams> C. Henry Adams is here from Atlanta watching & listening
[16:06:07] <Lorenzo Miniero> I'm trying to provide pointers to what's being discussed specifically
[16:06:37] <Lorenzo Miniero> "Extending Classes"
[16:07:24] <C Henry Adams> If I have a question or comment, can someone convey it for me?
[16:08:02] <Lorenzo Miniero> yes, just prefix it with Mic:
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[16:08:23] <C Henry Adams> 10-4 Thanks
[16:10:14] <C Henry Adams> What is the title of the slides shown?
[16:10:36] <Lorenzo Miniero> no slide deck, they're discussing this post from the ML:
[16:11:21] <C Henry Adams> Thanks again.
[16:11:26] <Lorenzo Miniero> talking about "6. Internationalization" right now
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[16:12:14] <C Henry Adams> OK cool, thanks for bringing me up to date.
[16:12:27] <Lorenzo Miniero> no problem ;)
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[16:17:00] <Lorenzo Miniero> "RECOMMENDED's all in Section 5.2, Extending Classes"
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[16:19:17] <Lorenzo Miniero> we're done! we'll make the recordings available ASAP
[16:19:21] <Lorenzo Miniero> enjoy the
[16:19:28] <C Henry Adams> I have signed the blue sheet.
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[16:19:29] <Lorenzo Miniero> social if you're in Berlin :)
[16:19:52] <C Henry Adams> Sorry in the USA, have fun.
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