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[07:15:45] <behcet.sarikaya> I am scribing the jabber
[07:16:02] <behcet.sarikaya> Marco is presenting
[07:17:07] <behcet.sarikaya>
[07:17:21] <behcet.sarikaya> slides have no number :-)
[07:19:04] <behcet.sarikaya> use identifier-locator split idea for dmm
[07:22:05] <behcet.sarikaya> Raj on
[07:22:23] <behcet.sarikaya> again no slide numbers
[07:24:56] <behcet.sarikaya> No questions
[07:25:39] <behcet.sarikaya> Wen on
[07:26:45] <behcet.sarikaya> this is about PMIP
[07:29:27] <behcet.sarikaya> Marco: what is the difference between localized routing and this approach?
[07:30:56] <behcet.sarikaya> Ji In Kim on
[07:35:32] <behcet.sarikaya> the main idea is use MAG to MAG communication
[07:35:56] <behcet.sarikaya> a lot of questions are raised on this approach
[07:36:22] <behcet.sarikaya> rechatering discusson
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[07:39:41] <behcet.sarikaya> all non-anchored solutions are in scope Jouni is saying
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