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[14:05:34] <zulipbot> (Éric Vyncke) Finally able to join mostly on time ;-)
[14:19:15] <zulipbot> (Éric Vyncke) The group will produce the following deliverables:
1. Document Current State of Affairs:
An Informational use cases and identity requirements document
An Informational MAC Address Randomization current state-of-affairs document
2. Document Best Practices handling RCM
A Best Current Practices document
[14:28:13] <zulipbot> (Yiu Lee) For the BCP, we address the current state (mac-address is rather stable per BSSID) or future state where we make no assumption of mac? If the BCP assumes the latter, will the BCP include changes necessary for the current practice especially in the home network?
[14:29:30] <zulipbot> (Juan-Carlos Zúñiga) The BCP should address the latter, as this is the scope of the WG.
[14:30:28] <zulipbot> (Juan-Carlos Zúñiga) Regarding the Home Environment/UseCase, we can discuss in the WG about the changes once we have identified and agreed upon them
[15:00:25] <zulipbot> (Éric Vyncke) Bye and thanks to all (I need to leave for another call)
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