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[15:23:15] <obgm> Good afternoon, I am your jabber scribe
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[15:24:27] <obgm> TCP usage guidance presented by Carles Gomez
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[15:38:35] <francesca> do you hear Suresh from remote?
[15:38:45] <Klaus Hartke> yes
[15:39:15] <obgm> Hannes
[15:39:32] <obgm> = on the MIc
[15:39:42] <francesca> ok great :) (mic is a low volume probably in the room, but we can hear)
[15:41:01] <obgm> Mohit
[15:41:44] <obgm> Hannes
[15:43:07] <obgm> Rahul
[15:43:44] <obgm> Suresh
[15:45:12] <obgm> Carsten
[15:45:53] <obgm> Suresh said "Carles volunteered for WIki maintenance"
[15:46:01] <obgm> Rahul presenting
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[15:49:27] <obgm> Mohit
[15:50:01] <obgm> Carsten presenting
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[16:03:58] <obgm> Thomas on the Mic
[16:04:52] <obgm> Suresh
[16:05:15] <obgm> Samita
[16:06:38] <obgm> no audio in the room..
[16:06:49] <Rene Struik> how do i get presenter status
[16:07:09] <obgm> request line please
[16:07:11] <Rene Struik> how do i do that
[16:07:27] <obgm> there should be a button in ME
[16:07:32] <francesca> meetecho can help
[16:07:42] <francesca> (meetecho to the rescue!)
[16:07:59] <meetecho> Audio should be working
[16:08:07] <francesca> it's for a remote presentation
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[16:08:39] <meetecho> There's no remote presentation scheduled for today here, or at least we were not made aware of it via the online form
[16:08:48] <meetecho> It will have to happen through the virtual queue then
[16:09:06] <obgm> switching to next presentation = francesca on comparison of security protocols
[16:09:47] <meetecho> For next time, please use our form to request support for remote presentations:
[16:10:18] <obgm> @meetecho: Thanks!
[16:10:46] <meetecho> Rene Struik: you'll have to use the hand icon next to your name to get in the virtual queue
[16:11:22] <meetecho> When you do that, later chairs can grant you the floor and you'll be able to speak remotely
[16:11:48] <meetecho> You should have done a self-test before trying this, though, as otherwise we can't be sure it will work for you
[16:12:00] <Rene Struik> I did self-test twice
[16:12:07] <Rene Struik> I did press the hand button
[16:12:08] <meetecho> Got it (y)
[16:12:21] <obgm> @Rene: you are now in the queue :-)
[16:12:24] <Rene Struik> and did register for remote presentation two weeks ago
[16:12:29] <Rene Struik> oke!
[16:12:57] <obgm> a couple of hands were raised
[16:13:06] <obgm> who have read the doc
[16:13:29] <meetecho> Not sure what you mean by "register for remote presentation", but it was not on the form I mentioned before, so we were not aware of this, sorry about that
[16:13:45] <obgm> Rene presenting remotely
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[16:23:42] <obgm> now showing slide 8
[16:23:51] <obgm> 7
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[16:39:19] <obgm> suresh
[16:42:53] <obgm> John Mattddon
[16:43:00] <obgm> Mattsson, sorry
[16:46:20] <obgm> Hannes
[16:46:59] <obgm> Bob Moskowitz
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[16:49:31] <obgm> Zhen Cao
[16:51:10] <obgm> Hannes
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[16:52:43] <obgm> finished, thank you
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